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  1. Jockiescott

    Angling has never been more popular

    Just saw this article on my phones news feed. It seems that angling has never been more popular.
  2. Jockiescott

    The Wet Hen variant

    I haven't tied anything in a while but a video popped up on my phones news feed yesterday from Nordic Anglers showing a Danish seatrout pattern called the Wet Hen. I liked the look of it so tied one. This is tied in the same way as the one in the video only without a cone behind the Mallard...
  3. Jockiescott

    DrPatrickT's Fish Tank Shrimp

    We finally got some rain here on Monday and the river got its first rise since March. Unfortunately with the ground being so dry, the water didn't stay long and was already too low for the type of fishing I had intended to do yesterday. I had on the Fish Tank Shrimp tube that I tied using...
  4. Jockiescott

    GBWG (variants)

    I tied these GBWGs with yellow and orange bucktail tied round the shank and then black tanuki Overwings to tone them down a bit and perhaps give a bit more movement in the water. Tied on 10, 15 and 20mm shanks. I see a few fibres have missed the chop on the bigger one! Doh!!! 🤦‍♂️
  5. Jockiescott

    Wee waddingtons

    The drought continues here with no rain worth talking about since March. I hadn't tied anything since last Sunday but forced myself to the vice to tie 'something'. So, I tied a wee simple Golden Demon on a 10mm waddington. I ended up tying another two, a wee silver stoat variant and something...
  6. Jockiescott

    New clothing available...

    Can just picture the Ghillie's face if you rocked up to some exclusive beat in this gear...
  7. Jockiescott

    Alisa's Purple Elver

    The thread from lax0341 about purple flies put this one in my head from the Spey Bros book, Top salmon flies Vol. 2. One I've been meaning to tie for a while. 🙂
  8. Jockiescott

    Gold bugs

  9. Jockiescott

    Green Peter Shrimp Variants

    Spent the morning tying up a few Green Peter Shrimp variants for the summer. Tied on 4, 6, 8 and 10 Kamasan B175s.
  10. Jockiescott

    Switch/Short Scandi intermediate lines?

    Would anyone know of a hover or intermediate short head scandi line around 27g, 420 grains? There used to be an intermediate snowbee switch line that looked exactly what I'm looking for but it seems to be no longer made? Any ideas?
  11. Jockiescott

    Copper and Orange Irish Shrimp

    A variant of a fly I first tied in the 1990s. I first tied it as an Irish version of the Kylie Shrimp that was getting a lot of attention in Trout & Salmon around that time. Even though the Kylie is a much prettier fly, this one caught me quite a few fish over the years. The first ones I tied...
  12. Jockiescott

    Bore bristles on a Flamethrower

    For no other reason than I was bored... 😂
  13. Jockiescott

    ‘Brown’ winging material

    SnapT14's lovely hairwing last night, the Millcraig Good, got me thinking about this again. I’m looking for a winging material to make hairwing versions of classic Irish winged patterns. A friend of mine has an old Green Silk in a box and the wing on it is a lovely rich reddish brown colour...
  14. Jockiescott

    Thunder Shrimp Variant

    I can’t remember the last time I tied an Irish Shrimp. I’ve been playing about with waddingtons and tubes in hairwing styles. So, I tied this one. This uses really old guinea fowl given to me by a friend. It actually has a sticker on it saying “Blue Jay Substitute”. It has a much more...
  15. Jockiescott

    Flamin’ Pigs

    I tied these yesterday. These were supposed to be Duncan Egan's cross between a Flamethrower and a PBP. I really struggle tying shrimpy things on tubes as I find it hard to proportion them. The Kinermony version really got away on me and ended up massive! 🙈 They’ll do for casting practice in...
  16. Jockiescott

    A tube based on a "Copper Tom".

    Trying to pass some time while I wait on a dentist appointment this afternoon! 🙈 I haven't tied a tube in a while as I had no cones to give the plastics a bit of weight. I ordered a few online and they arrived yesterday. I tied this about 10 minutes ago.
  17. Jockiescott

    Park and Calvin's doubles

    Evidence of how my choice of flies change from season to season. A few years ago, I'd hardly be at the river without one of these two on my line. Sometimes both with one on the point and the other on the dropper. I didn't use any of them at all last season, that I can remember anyway.
  18. Jockiescott

    Another Waddie

    Tied this this morning. It started off intending to be one thing, changed about 3 times during the tying and ended up looking like this. 😂
  19. Jockiescott

    T&L based Waddie

    I think I've the Wilkie done to death now. 😂 I wanted a Thunder and Lightning coloured Waddie for big water in April so tied this this morning on a 35mm shank.
  20. Jockiescott

    Yet another play with wilkie colours

    This was meant to be a version of this fly but on a salar double I didn't really like it on the double when I tied it. The short wings didn't really sit the way I liked and I was ready to strip the hook for a...