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  1. simonjh98

    Opening my account for the season!

    I've had a hectic spring with work and other commitments and have only got fishing for salmon once before today since March! Alas my 23rd birthday arrived today and my girlfriend decided I should go fishing this morning as there is nothing I love more than Spring Salmon angling. Well I was...
  2. simonjh98

    A little bit of heaven

    This is heaven for me. My stomping grounds where I was brought up, and where I do the vast majority of my fishing!
  3. simonjh98

    Last 2 of the season

    Well, As of yesterday thats the season over for 2020. I finished up on 72 for the year which is my best year yet. The fishing was superb here in NW Ireland this summer. I can only hope 2021 is half as good! Here are the last 2 fish I managed to catch at the weekend.. Not the biggest fish but...
  4. simonjh98

    Simms boots issue

    Purchased a pair of the Simms flyweight boots when I was on holiday to New York back at the start of March . I've been using them since May and they are already falling apart. The fabric at the seems of the boots is becoming lose and has peeled completely up the simms logo and become...
  5. simonjh98

    A Nice Henfish from Saturday

    A nice big Henfish from Saturday taken on a size 12 trout fly. Great fun on my 10' #7 In low water conditions
  6. simonjh98

    Money ruining Rugby? Becomming football 2.0

    I've been a huge fan of Rugby since I can remember, Playing it since I was 5 at Junior level right through to and after University. Went through many ups , downs and injury's ill hold until im in the grave , but by god this sport is absolutely phenomenal! I just can't get enough of it. My...
  7. simonjh98

    More government restrictions.. (Load of so and so)

    So here in Northern Ireland from 6pm this evening , you cannot have another person from another household in your house unless a person lives alone. This means that you can't even go up and visit your parents for a cup of tea , or in my case I can't have my girlfriend over for dinner on a Friday...
  8. simonjh98

    What would you consider a 'good season'?

    After a summer of excellent fishing on the majority of Irish, Scottish and English rivers with people calling it the 'Best year in years', What actually defines a good season? How many salmon per season to your net personally would you consider a good year or fish landed by a beat? It would be...
  9. simonjh98

    The Lost Salmon Of The River Erne

    An extract I stumbled upon online which truly replicates what a terrible decline has happened to one of Irelands premiere Salmon rivers.. Well worth the read! THE LOST SALMON OF THE RIVER ERNE "FOR six months of the year Lough Erne is in County Fermanagh and for the other six months County...
  10. simonjh98

    More Camowen Shrimps!

    Some more Camowen Shrimps I've been tying for some orders this week. My most successful fly all year! Size 10 and 14 trebles and size 8 and 10 Doubles
  11. simonjh98

    Big ole Double digit Henfish

    Prior to my success with the big males earlier in the week today I got a nice female today too in her spawning colours. Nice to get another fish in the double digits! Caught on a size 12 Camowen Shrimp
  12. simonjh98

    Males Sporting their autumn colours

    Getting into that time of year now when the fish put on their tartan jackets and colour up for the spawning season ahead. Its hard to believe the transformation they take while in the river! Here's a couple of lads I had on Monday evening that are getting ready to please some ladies...
  13. simonjh98

    Camowen Shrimps - My new go to fly

    Some of my Camowen Shrimps I prepared for the weekend past. My new favourite and go to pattern! These are tied on Esmond Drury Size 12 Trebles and Cannelle 1272N single hooks
  14. simonjh98

    Foxford Shrimp

    Another great Irish pattern. Love tying these too! Although hard to find the right colour for the front hackle these days. Here is one tied in a size 12 on an Esmond Drury treble. I like tying these with copper tag and copper ribbing. Makes it look a little more natural!
  15. simonjh98

    Red Letter day #2 in a week!

    I Must be the luckiest man alive this week, After hooking 8 last Saturday I kept that energy going again Yesterday but this time on the spinner! With the water horribly coloured but fish running hard I had to get out even if that meant putting the fly rod down for a day and going back to my...
  16. simonjh98

    Storing fly tying Gear

    Folks, At the moment im using under bed tote boxes to store all of my fly tying gear but it can get messy quickly. I'm looking something I can store all of my capes, furs, threads and tools in. I have ziplock bags in the box for my capes and furs/tails etc but they are all full to capacity. I...
  17. simonjh98

    PB Salmon from the Mourne

    One I caught last year in the first week of June on the river Mourne in Northern Ireland. A lovely big 18lb hen fish fresh off the tide which took a Brollys gold Size 6 with a fast sink Polyleader. Fish was weighed with a Mclean Seatrout net and released to continue her journey (y):) A day I...
  18. simonjh98

    McLean net Help

    Hi Folks, I've been using my Mclean Sea Trout sized net for 3 years now, and the plastic release buttons are starting to become hard to use. Whenever I press down on the plastic release pin to slide the handle out to net a fish, the plastic pins get stuck and wont go down any further making it...
  19. simonjh98

    8 In a day! Red Letter day on a Northern Irish River

    What a day I had on Saturday, 8 fish on small shrimp flies fished on my LTS Switch 11 #8 with a Snowbee Switch line and an intermediate 5' Polyleader. It felt as if I was fishing a spate in Autumn there was so much action! Had loads of plucks, pulls and fish creating a boil behind the fly. One...
  20. simonjh98

    Yellow Shrimps and Bann Specials

    Size 10 Yellow Shrimps and Bann Specials on Partridge Nordic Down eyed Doubles!