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    A sign of the times

    I am just back from the local post office, I asked the young lad (early 20s) at the counter for some HSBC envelopes, he asked me how many i wanted, I replied give me half a dozen, to which he said how many is half a dozen I'm only young. Got me wondering are terms like quires or reams of paper...
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    Harry and MEghan

    Does anyone really give a fig about these two self-centered publicity- seeking people?.
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    Scottish politics

    There is so much going on in Scottish politics at the moment, and with the coming elections in May which could result in another indy ref i thought it deserves its own thread. There is an interesting program on BBC alba channel 117 at 9pm tonight about how Charles Kennedy was abused by the SNP...
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    Not just Salmon under threat
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    A word of warning for dog owners

    Yesterday at Loirston loch in Aberdeen a dog ran out onto the ice to chase a duck and fell through, despite the efforts of the owner the dog sadly died and they could not get out to retrieve its body. With the thaw well underway ice could be very patchy and thin in places and dangerous for dogs...
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    Salmon slaughter

    Last night i watched Alaskan fish wars. Although there is strict rules some boats caught so many Salmon that the weight of the fish had the boats so low in the water they were in danger of sinking. There is another episode on right now on nat geo channel 165 if anyone wants to watch.
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    Your Superstitions when Salmon fishing?

    There was a time that when i was working the night before going fishing,if i caught the mileometer in my car at certain numbers i.e 77.7 miles, or i heard a certain song on the radio (Waterloo sunset) on my way to fish or saw a lone Goose flying over while fishing i was sure i would catch a...
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    The fisheries argument/negotiations

    Although this is about brexit,i think it deserves its own thread. There seems to be a big stumbling block with the EU over fishing rights,where the UK want to take back most of our fishing and the EU want to keep most of their quotas. It says on the news that most of the fish that we catch is...
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    Maradona dead

    Diago Maradona has died. I wonder if god had a hand in it?
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    Are the uk government right to cut foreign aid? Although it was written in law the amount we pay in foreign aid,i think the gov is right to rethink and cut the amount we pay,the uk and indeed the world is a different place now compared to even a year ago. We can no longer afford to pay countries...
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    A trip to Skye

    After having booked a trip to Skye firstly for March then May which were cancelled due to covid,we managed to rearrange it for this past week. Not a fishing trip but just a short break for me and the missus. This was the first time we had been on Skye,after a four hour journey through some...
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    Where do we go from here?

    Or what do you think we need to do to arrest and reverse the decline in Atlantic Salmon? It will be a few months yet until we get the figures in for all the rivers,but from what i hear and read on most rivers it has been pretty grim, Although there have been some mitigating circumstances,like...
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    Mars is at its brightest tonight,the next time it will be so bright is in 2035.
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    Good to see some work going on despite covid

    As covid carries on affecting our lives it is good to see the Dee partnership working on improvements.
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    Spider bite

    My wife shouted me through to the living room to tell me there was a spider crawling on the mat,so i grabbed it and as i was walking to the back door with it clenched in my hand the little f*cker bite me,i have evicted many spiders out of the house but this is the first one that has bitten me...
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    The BIRDS

    I have bird feeders out in my back garden, and sometimes i can have dozens of birds having a feeding frenzy at them most of them are Sparrows and Starlings, If the feeders are empty there are about 4 or 5 of the Sparrows come up to the back door and peck at it until i give them some food. Last...
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    Horror scope

    For 61 years i have been taurus the bull, now someone at nasa has decided i am an aries. Nae wonder nothing came true i was reading the wrang flipping star sign. But tbh who gives a monkeys
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    Crazy situation

    Over the lockdown i have had a tidy up and a bit of a clear out ,so today i loaded up the car with rubbish to take to the skip. As i had something to deliver i decided to go to one that is 8 miles from my home because the thing i had to deliver was on the way there. When i got there a guy with a...
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    Embarrassing to Scotland

    Yesterday there were a group of people turned up at the so called border just north of Berwick with flags and banners urging people not to enter Scotland,using covid as an excuse to get their nationalistic points across. As a Scot i find this very embarrassing that these small minded people...
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    Beyond the pale

    I know the mods and the leftist socialists on this forum wont like what i am about to say,but i feel it has to be said. Right now this country is going through a virus pandemic that has hit us hard,we are also trying to broker a brexit deal,and now we have anarchy sweeping the country because...