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    Dubbing onto copper tubes.

    Need some advice, I like wrapping 1/2" copper tubes in dubbing and wrapping them in wire. The thing is the dubbing always seems to give way after a few hours swimming my runs. May be i should move to flat braid but the dubbing looks good and works ! Where am I going wrong ? Thanks SH
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    What food items for a days session on the river?

    I'm wanting to prepare a bit better with my lunch/food. I normally wrap up go to a local cafe etc. But fancy having that stash that i can call on if I want to fish on. Probably be in the car over the weekend so was thinking cheese, crackers salami ? What do you guys do? No fancy huts to cook or...
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    Franc and Snelda online shop delivery.

    Hi, Before I send an e mail, what's the usual delivery for materials from franc and snelda ? Have a slick website but I seemed to wait on delivery 2nd time using them.
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    Chasing Silver Magazine

    Never read an issue of Chasing Silver, is it a good read? Not overly interested in Steel Heading etc, but quite like the tackle and devolpmemts from across the pond.
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    Simms Trump and China

    I see Trump is putting tarrifs on goods manufactured in China.....not sure but is it only the gortex waders made in the USA? And everything else made in China ??
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    Farlows of London fly rods any good?

    Hi anyone bought a Farlows of London own brand fly rod? I see a Saltwater series out at present, anyone know any specifcs about the makers balnks etc? Thanks skyhook
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    USA prepaid import tax on E Bay ?

    Looking on E Bay I see that some items incur the import tax at the point of sale? Is this how it works now? Before I paid import tax once it had been shipped then billed by Parcel Force?
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    Simms new g3 jacket 599 euro :0

    I see the latest Simms Tactical Guide G3 wading jacket on sale for 599 Euro ? Is the world going mad?
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    Vision Ikon

    Hi just a quick one, how long have any of you got out of a pair of Vision Ikons before they needed a seam seal etc ? Thanks
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    Pro Sportfisher Sonic Cones

    Hi anyone tried the Pro Sportfisher Sonic Cones, they are the vented version?? Thanks
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    Frodin Club?

    Hi anyone splashed out 15 euro membership on the Frodin Club? What's the story is it any good?
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    LSR for repairing waders??

    Anyone ever used the company LSR for re-taping their Gortex waders ?
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    Cone Heads !!!

    Hi looking for alternative sources for cone heads that will fit 1.8 mm liner other than tube worx ? Thanks
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    GAC giving APR of 19.9% !!

    Just got an e mail from GAC giving a offer of a loan at 19.9% :mad: What a bunch of vultures.....
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    Phoenix Folding Wading Staff????

    Anybody tried the Phoenix Folding Wading Staff? Looks a bit like a Simms... regards skyhook
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    Irish Fisheries Promoting Killing Kelts??

    Have a read of this, unreal....:rolleyes: Irish Angling Update » 14lb Salmon hitches a ride with Fermoy Rowing Club !!
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    Ribbing slipping?

    Hi folks, started tying but have an issue with wire ribbing slipping on the smooth tinsel bodies? A drop off super glue will hold it but how do achieve it with no glue?? Thanks Skyhook
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    Vision tank !!! Whoaa

    Check out this bruiser:D VISION - IN FLY FISHING: On Stage, Tank This will help balance some of those big Spey rods...
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    Drowes opening day 2013?

    Merry Christmas to all :) Any one heading to the River Drowes on opening day to try for the for the first salmon of 2013??:cool:
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    WTD Loop Classic 8-11

    Hi looking for a Loop Classic 8-11, if someone is looking to off load one.... Cheers SH