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    First Irish Springer

    From today's Irish Times: The first salmon of 2021 was caught last Saturday, January 30th, on the river Laune, Killarney, in Co Kerry by Stephen Jordan. The spring fish of 9.5lb was caught on worms from Beat 1 in Lyons Pool at the mouth of Lough Lein at noon on Saturday (Think that should be...
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    Rio Scandi Short Versitip. 7 weight. 28 grams SOLD

    Used once, almost new. 23' head and four 10' tips, F, Inter (grey version), s3,s6. £75 posted
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    Pet flea treatments & rivers

    This is concerning:
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    Danielsson H5D 11fourteen SOLD

    In very lightly used condition, almost unmarked, no gravel rash, comes with Hardy Mach spey multi tip 8/9 in similar condition, with float, inter and s3 tips £150 posted
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    Airflo Ultraspey kit 8/9

    Very light use. £35 posted. Includes Float body. Float/inter body (unused). Running line (back loop cut where it was glued to backing). Float, Inter, S3.S6, S8 tips, in wallet, some unused. Slight nick on one tip.
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    SOLD Hardy Zenith 14'6" 9/10

    Rod as new, but not in original bag or tube. £250 + postage. pm for photos.
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    SOLD Hardy Zenith 13'6" No 8

    In excellent condition, lightly used. £400 plus postage. pm for pictures
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    I sent a pm to Phatacorva a while ago, without reply. He doesn't seem to have been on here since May. I'm not on Facebook - anyone know how else I may contact him?
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    Salmon farming

    From this morning's Guardian: Awareness of the costs of salmon farming seems to be increasing - this is one of a number of articles to appear in national newspaper lately.
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    Vision MAG 14'

    Unused 14' Vision MAG 9/10. £200. pm for pictures SOLD
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    Hardy Marksman Avon Smuggler

    A long shot on this list but...I'm looking for a Supero or XT model, 11'
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    Anyone thinking of going to Iceland this year? They seem to have controlled coronavirus there, and have a testing regime for arrivals at airports. Once there social distancing should be ok for anglers. However, air travel is tricky. I don't know about the UK but the quarantine regime in...
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    Zpey HMSignature 13'3" #8

    Almost unused. £200 Straight handle version pm for details SOLD
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    Vision Vector wading jacket L

    Vision Vector wading jacket, L. As new, bought as spare, never worn. £60 Pm for pics SOLD
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    Simms G4 wading jacket. Medium

    For sale £150 posted. Very light use, older model G4. Too small for me. NOW SOLD
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    Hardy Zenith 14'6" #9

    Almost new Zenith 14'6" 9 for sale. £325 + postage to Uk Comes with sage tube & rod bag
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    Airflo Ultraspey kit 8/9

    Am looking for one of these - complete & in very good condition
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    Rod/line ratings

    Here's a puzzle. I recently bought a Hardy Zephrus 13'6" 8/9 on a deal, lovely rod etc. I also got a MAch Spey Multi tip, rated 8/9, & it went well on the rod, as you would expect. Rods and lines from the same manufacturer should be well matched for the same AFTM ratings, I would have thought...
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    Low water alternative

    During the recent dry spell, my favourite single-hand rod fishing for grilse was futile. Then I found an alternative use for the outfit. Pigeons have been perching on my roof ridge and leaving droppings on the conservatory. Nothing seemed to deter them, reflectors, kites etc. So I set up my...
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    Galway Corrib river seals

    I was in Galway the other week and in the very low water salmon had backed down in numbers from the weir to the weir bridge and below. I was surprised at the number of seals running on high tide up as far as the fish traps. I saw at least 4, one of them eating a fresh salmon it had just...