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    Welsh Dee 2021

    I see no one has put up a thread for 2021 for Welsh Dee - so given (fingers crossed no more COVID shenanigans) all should be able to access the water from 12th April I thought I’d get the ball rolling. with the massive floods I’m half expecting to see some changes in pools. But am looking...
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    Fish Tank Shrimp - SBS

    Hi All, I’ve been asked a couple of times for an SBS on the Fish Tank Shrimp. It’s a slightly convoluted pattern because of the colour effect I wanted – but shouldn’t be too difficult to copy. SBS Instructions: Materials: Tube: lumo tube yellow/charteuse and 1.8mm black inner Tail 1: smidge...
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    The Great Reset - does anyone know what it means?

    I keep hearing about a Great Reset. The overarching theme at Davos by the leaders of the WEF and other bodies ( normally folk who have enough lolly to avoid being impacted by anything). The Pandemic has given that opportunity. but what is it - and don’t point me to some nut job conspiracy...
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    Fishing in Wales

    I saw that you can’t stay in accommodation in Wales come the 29th March - but assume if not staying over I can cross the border to fish in Wales come the 29th or is that not a certainty either ??? 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Anyone know? Cheers, Patrick
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    Mini-Silver Stoat & the Executioner Tubes

    One of my favourite flies is the Silver Stoat - so knocked up a few mini tube versions. I also enjoyed tying the executioner fly for TOTM so thought I’d best get a few more in. whose bought all the small S cone Eumer cones by the way - you can’t get them anywhere??!! tight lines if you manage...
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    Anyone tried the wychwood gye net. I don’t always carry a net but sometimes they come in handy where there’s no where to beach a fish but I can’t stand a huge thing clunking on my back - and my old one can be a pain to deploy with a fish on and trying to do a dance to get the bloody thing to...
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    Mini-Black Frances

    Following on from yesterday - a few black versions. I like the red better, but again - low water summer, something less bright. if you fancy giving it a shot - a quick tip is to burr the inner to form the lip, this allows you to ‘tie against’ with the extension tubing. Also, it’s worth...
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    Mini-Red Frances

    Topping up the box again. Not micro but pretty small with the intention of fishing normally or trying the single hand rod and dead drift. tied on just the 1.8mm inner, a bit of bulk added by the hook holder, some flat lead and the boar bristles and pheasant fibres. Thin dubbed seals fur (...
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    Great Boar Bristle

    Hi All, I got some great boar bristles from eBay from Ryanbaye. I’m really impressed and generous portions...
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    Fish Tank Shrimp

    Hi All, I was messing with pheasant rump because I like how it flutters and have had a few thoughts on tailoring a fly. It wasn’t supposed to be an Irish Shrimp - but it is an obvious derivative - I didn’t post in Irish shrimps as it wasn’t based on any thing of heritage I know (besides...
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    Blue hackled Bananas (Monkey ish)

    Tied a few of these a while back - did well for Keirstream early last season - so did my best to copy them. They look quite bulky - but slim down nicely. Might as well tuck them back in the box ready for Spring 2022
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    Red Frances - pheasant rump

    Greys posted a lovely shrimp - the Bishops Shrimp which I need to play around with - but I thought I’d try pheasant rump for the ‘rostrum’ ( I think I’m allowed to use rostrum when discussing shrimps ...) if not then it’s that cuff at the back. Irish shrimps have a lovely shrimpy look from GP (...
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    Mini-Scandi tubes

    Haven’t tied much recently - but thought I’d do some small flies on tubes ( the advantage being if they get snagged you can swap the hook, whereas with a dressed fly if it’s badly bent it’s going in the bin). couple with green fluo bodies, one is a small cascadey type fly. these are Eumer...
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    Black, orange and gold monkey ish

    Was playing around with something with a bit orange and gold in. It’s like a short monkey/goat - cat decide to go longer wing or keep short. Anyway, something for the box, just in case, the just in case box doesn’t inspire me. Cheers, Patrick
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    Couple of Ally’s

    A few folk have been posting Ally Shrimps. Lovely looking fly, gave it a shot. Not anywhere as good as Easky’s or SnapT’s. I used the squirrel I had which isn’t white enough. I think that’s a major contribution to the fly, a colour shift with the white. But happy enough with these. All the best...
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    Flies you can’t bear to lose

    Does anyone else get attached to a fly ( I don’t mean on their jacket or hat on a bad cast)? I have a few - sadly most have been returned to the river gods or now adorn certain trees. my first ever fish was on a Willie Gunn waddy - now lost to the bottom. I also had a red frances that...
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    Lengths of 3mm tubing - ‘cut your own tubes’ -brass, Alu, copper

    I know most folk just use pre made tubes, but I like to use the lengths of copper, alu etc that the hobbyists use (or perhaps for a still 🤔😃). I’m struggling to find any in 3mm width (2mm inner that fits a 1.8 mm liner)? Anyone know of a source? I know it sounds a faff, but I just clamp a...
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    Ghillie Piglet tube

    Ghillie piggies with red metallic cone. (????)? All the best, Patrick
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    Experiments with Lumo - Gledswood Shrimp-ish

    I’ve been playing around with lumo and flou tubes. When I was doing the Gledswood for Totm this month, I used a clear lumo tube - it’s a pretty gentle luminescence. So I thought I’d have a shot at something a bit brighter. Same tying as The Gledswood in Totm - except the tube is a Chartruese...
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    Luminescent and fluorescent materials in flies - striplight fly

    I was playing with some new materials - Tubeworx lumo tubes and flou inners. here are three examples I’ve knocked up as prototypes (plus tying tip I ignored - Always wash hands before adding glo brite or your dirty paws make it look worse!!) top - chartreuse lumo outer, fl orange inner middle...