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  1. Orca

    Placement of spine when building a double handed fly rod

    Hi guys, I have a question on where to place the guides on the blank when building a double handed fly rod, 90 degrees, 180 degrees of the spine or on the spine ?
  2. Orca

    Guide wrapping at tip of rod

    Get some narrow elastic bands and cut them in half, just tie one of the half’s close to were you want to place your snake and slide your snake under the band, works a treat
  3. Orca

    Vision Tool 13 foot 8/9 ***SOLD***

    What material is the handle, I had the catapult and it was a nice rod, how would you compare it to the catapult
  4. Orca

    CND BV GT competition rod

    CND BV GT 15ft competition rod with two tip sections, tip one is the original, tip two was custom built by CND at my request which is stiffer then the original tip, rod bag and aluminium CND Tube. This rod was custom built by myself and it was the rod I won SOR 2016 senior division, it is in...
  5. Orca

    5 section CND GT 9/10/11 15,/13,5”

    One of a kind CND GT 9/10/11 rod with 2 butt sections, butt 1 makes up a 15footer, butt 2 makes up a 13,5” rod, rod is used and in good condition, no tube, 650 Euro or best offer, pm for pics, rod was custom built by myself
  6. Orca

    A get together Spey casting

    If weather permits we are going to have a get together for a casting session on January 1st in Area 51 all are welcome. Any one who is thinking of coming and doesn't know where Area 51 is ??, head for Killaloe and take the road to Scarriff you will come to a picnic area a couple of miles outside...
  7. Orca

    Irish Open Spey Championship

    The Irish Open Spey Championship will be held during the Foxford River Fest on the banks of the river Moy on Sunday the 21 of August also but not 100% certain of a single handed and double handed overhead competitions casting on grass.
  8. Orca

    14ft2in 8/9/10 BVGT CND fly rod

    For sale due to people wasting my time I hav a CND BVGT 14ft2in 8/9/10 fly rod with custom handle 620 euro This rod was only test cast my satisfaction that it had no problems before I handed it over to the person who wanted it, lesson Leart, money first SOLD.
  9. Orca

    Turas Robert Gillespie 15ft rod

    Turas Robert Gillespie 15ft rod. I have for sale a Robert Gillespie signature series 15ft rod. This rod was built by me, getting the blank from Don Ryan of Turas in Dublin. It's rated for a 10 line and four piece in construction. Its in good condition has some minor ware and tare makes as would...
  10. Orca

    Single leg guides or Snakes

    Hi guys, building a 15ft fly rod, question, should I use single leg guides or snakes.
  11. Orca

    Snowbee Granite neoprene bootfoot waders

    Hi all, just a quick question, I have gone through 5 pairs of Snowbee Granite Neoprene bootfoot waders in the last 2 years, 2 pair in 2 weeks as they leaked straight from the box, the third were fine till I replaced them with a new pair, the next pair didn’t last long as they leaked shortly...
  12. Orca

    Daiwa wilderness wn150113

    Wanted for a friend, in good condition,A OLD TYPE DAIWA WILDERNESS 15' #11 3PC SALMON FLY ROD WN150113 not the new XT or ST type
  13. Orca

    Carron Line & MOW Heavy Tips

    For Sale, 65ft Carron 11/12 next Gen and a set of heavy mow tips, the Carron is cut and a loop welded at 12ft to take the mow tips, there are 6 tips, 10ft floating, 7.5ft float/2.5ft T 14, 5ft float/5ft T14, 2.5 float/7.5 T 14, 10ft T14, 12.5ft T14 reason for selling, too heavy for where I fish...
  14. Orca

    Double Taper float 11/12 lines wanted

    Looking for old Double Taper floating lines 11/12, condition does not mater.
  15. Orca

    Convert test curve to lure weight.

    Question, if a rod has a 3lb test curve what lure weight is it , is there some way of converting from test curve to lure weight.
  16. Orca

    Competition Rod for sale

    For Sale, 15ft Gaelforce 11/12 Competition rod, comes with rod bag and Gaelforce competition head cut and welded to suit. This rod has the Green White and Gold colours of the Irish Flag whipped on with thread on the butt section, if the buyer wants this can be changed to their National Flag...
  17. Orca

    Loop Megaloop reel

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi all, I am looking for a well used and cheap Loop Megaloop reel for a competition rod, Iam not fussy once it winds will do me;);)
  18. Orca

    Thread colour for Sage XP

    Need to find out the thread colour I should buy for a Sage XP Graphite III e #7 9ft 6" as I have 3 snakes to replace, would appricate any Info guys, thanks.
  19. Orca

    Carron 65ft 11/12 floating.

    Looking for a 11/12 65ft Carron floating line, old or twin.
  20. Orca

    Is this for REAL

    Got this email and find it hard to be true. Can someone here that knows Lawrence check this out Good Morning, This message is coming to you with great depression due to my state of discomfort. I came down here to Manila, Philippines with my family for a short vacation but...