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  1. colliedog01

    Guideline Bullet

    Anyone have any experience with this line ?,looking at matching it up with my hardy jet 10’ #7 for salmon fishing on a spate river
  2. colliedog01

    Recommendations for a new line ; Mackenzie Switch Rod

    Hi, I have a Mackenzie G2 11’2 switch rod rated #7/8. Looking for a new line for it that has good overhead casting presentation but also can throw a single Spey in tight corners , anyone have any experience with this rod ? Thanks in advance !
  3. colliedog01

    Spey Line?

    Hi, I’m looking for a spey line for my Mackenzie atlas rod.I am considering the new g3 spey line (55ft) or the gaelforce equalizer spey line(55ft). As I will not be able to test cast either line, I’m just wondering has anyone any experience of either of these lines with the 13’7 original atlas...
  4. colliedog01

    Badger Hair

    Hi, I am looking for some badger hair to tie some salmon flies. Does anyone know of any suppliers who have any? Thanks
  5. colliedog01

    Cashla River

    Hi, Was thinking about fishing the Cashla River this season , just wondering when is the best time generally to fish it? Thanks
  6. colliedog01

    Tapered Leaders for Salmon Fishing

    I have been considering trying out tapered leaders for salmon fishing (Fluorocarbon / Nylon). Just wondering does anyone have any experience of this and if so what do you think about the method ?
  7. colliedog01

    Which wading jacket ?

    Looking for a good quality wading jacket. Looking for something with plenty of pockets. Any suggestions ?
  8. colliedog01

    New member from Ireland

    Hi, new member here from West of Ireland . I’m a young angler , started out fly fishing 3 years ago and found my passion - fly fishing for salmon . My favorite river ? Has to be the Erriff !!
  9. colliedog01

    Rod repair

    Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a fly rod repair in Ireland ? I have a double handed rod one of the eyes has been damaged and needs repair. Thanks in advance