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  1. munro

    Sinking method

    A few years ago i red an article By I think Fred Evans, on a free fall sinking method off the floating line, i have searched the site and the internet but no avail. Ard or someone out there do you have the link. or can you give me info? If i remeber floating line, then say 10ft nylon .then...
  2. munro

    Barrio line

    Barrio SLX wf 8, 275grains, used once. Fitted with Moser salmon braided loops both ends. £20 paypal uk basic post. Sold
  3. munro

    Understanding Spey Lines

    Just now i am currently looking for full spey lines in Hover don't want shooting heads. I came accross this which i enjoyed reading. It may or may not help if it interests you.
  4. munro

    Powerlight 10FT 6" #8

    Recntly i placed an order for this rod, now being a single hander with a fighting butt, i have asked them to make it a bit longer on fighting butt for my bottom hand, as i intend to use as summer low water rod mostly speycasting and if i ever get back in to the seatrout. I have emailed B&W on...
  5. munro

    Dash cam No2

    Motarola MCD150 forward facing dashcam unused box only opened, complete with memory card. £30 paypal plus postage Note i have two for sale
  6. munro

    Dash cam No1

    Motarola MCD 150 forward facing dash cam unused box only open includes memory card all ready to go. Note i have ad for another the same £30 paypal plus delivery Now Sold
  7. munro

    Commercial fishing

    We all hear about the febs, and issues at sea. Now my very good friend has brought this up on a few occasions, the Danes and the Dutch fishing of sandeels caplin krill and the likes to process into fish meals food, omega 3 for your supplemented bread,health tablets,animal fodder and god knows...
  8. munro

    Spey Lines

    Back about 12 years ago i started using shooting heads more and more, and my speylines were being ignored. In the past couple of seasons i have started to go back to spey lines of various head lengths etc, and i am enjoying casting and fishing more with spey lines than the shooting heads, I can...
  9. munro

    Vision GT,Limited edition

    Satisfactory swap completed now reel no longer available thank you Okay looks like no interest in sale so before it goes back in the cupboard, Lets see what you may be interested in using as a swap Vision GT vg11 #10/11 limited edition salmon fly reel in bronze unused no marks, has an unused...
  10. munro

    Additional Loop Methods

    Pike predator saltawater Trout and Grayling fly tiers have been using various loop techniques which if you start looking about will show tons of ideas, making bodies and hackles like long chenneilles for your salmon flies, using hairs fur feather synthetic, You can even dub deer hair, wee trick...
  11. munro


    With tie of the month and some other posts here are some links on loops and synthetics,tied some about 5 6 years ago drop down in tube flies modern cool flies part 1 and part 2 Granbo Flyfishing - Flyfishing - Salmon fishing - Flycasting - Flytying - Fishing Course - Fishing School - Norway -...
  12. munro

    Visio GT Limited eddition salmon reel

    Vision GT Limited edition salmon reel ENDED Vision GT salmon fly reel. VG11 #10-11 Limited edition in bronze unused boxed pouch and schematic parts sheet,£130 paypal as gift, plus postage,can pick up central Scotland, pm email for pictures
  13. munro

    Vision GT4 Catapult 14ft

    SOLD Rod as above good used condition includes spare tip £150paypal as gift,postage extra at buyers cost, can pick up central Scotland,pm with email for pictures
  14. munro

    Vision GT4 Catapult 15ft

    SOLD Rod as above in good condition, small handle on zip of case missing. £140 PAYPAL as gift . Postage additional at buyers cost. pm e mail for pictures.Can pick up central Scotland
  15. munro

    Bit of tying for you

    Mike Townend - De Silvas Dragon (A Wee Scottish Delta... | Facebook From a best friend, A top Classic tier that has a bit of fun now and then
  16. munro

    Small Doubles

    Looking to tie some small doubles used to tie on the old big mouth doubles but i am all out. As a standard my go to is the loop fly double down to size 12. Looking for similar strong built double but taking in smaller sizes or a good strong double that would let me do a 14,16,18 size in...
  17. munro

    Sharps Gordon

    Hi guys wondering, Got a wee loan of a 13ft #9 mk1 gordon to play with'wondering on the 9 line rating,assuming this is for about 33g plus of head and a short speyline prob 8/9 on heavy end of scale? Anybody use or used,or can comment, have to sart looking through boxes and cupboards for...
  18. munro

    Signature Tubes

    Ratinalising tubes All Sean Stanton sinature tubes non flanged tie on liner 10mm x 15 14mm x 20 19mm x 8 25mm x 9 £12.50 paypal uk postage included Now sold Thanks
  19. munro


    100 plus (lost interest about 110 counting) x assorted gold silver and copper tungsten cones small med large approx new price £2,50 bag of 10 new Plus future fly hybrid cones silver in 4,6,&8mm each bag full(£3.95 bag)new future fly hybrid cones gold 4mm and 6mm each full bag (£3.95 bag)new...
  20. munro

    Dusty Millar

    Dusty Millar, size 8 double full gutted in hand, with the gossamer,Sorry repeating myself every time,was going to rewing tonight, but time against me, all materials in compared when studying some vintage in this size where certain materials are left out. tried the toppings as Kelson specifies...