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    A solution to the seal problem might be on its way - Nukumi, a 17ft female Great White Shark is halfway across the Atlantic heading towards Europe. They love seals. When i lived in the States, one GW turned up on Cape Cod in 2012, the next year three, in five years they were tracking 18 or so...
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    This weeks Angling Times magazine.

    Has a nice story about a guy catching a 1lb Dace in a Thames backwater. Which is lovely, but what fascinated me was that the guy said he was there targeting 'small grayling' on maggots and he caught a few before he caught a sizeable dace, near his 'west london home'... He is kidding them right...
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    Petition to ban Supertrawlers from UK Waters

    I think the below is self explanatory, Australia has already banned them from landing fish or refuelling in Aussie ports. Its time we did the same to protect our smolts as bycatch. Please sign and share, with 10,500 signatures, this will now be going out to MPs , the...
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    Isle of Man Sea Trout

    this is probably a slight long shot, but does anyone / has anyone fished for Manx Sea Trout in their spate streams ? i'm just looking for very general advice on rod weights,lengths, flies etc. can i get away with hip waders ? I also have a general question for you guys who fish tidal beats -...
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    FF&FT - The English Disease

    there was on the FF&FT website an interesting blog by Malcolm Greenhalgh with the above title. Apparently we English are cursed with the habit of casting across, mending the line and swinging the fly - something I've always done and in fact urged to more of when steelheading in the Western USA...
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    Munster Blackwater - 2018

    The river gave up its first fish on Sunday, just reported today on the FII website : congrats to Darragh. what a Birthday present to get ! by 'clondulane club water' do they mean that the disputed stretch opposite the Hopsital ?
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    large salmon kill on a spawning trib of the Munster Blackwater

    the Araglin. large numbers of gravid hens killed on the redds Over 1,200 dead fish found along important spawning river in Cork f*cking disgraceful. :mad: he'll get a fine and that's it.