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    Tackle Shop Discount Codes

    I think he got a switch line from Mike Barrio 7/8 which is 425 grams..I use john norris cheapo spey on my TCX switch it was £7 😁. Thanks for the input I'll get him out some day see how he is getting on.
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    Tackle Shop Discount Codes

    Talked my friend into getting this rod and he cant get on with it, it felt lovely in the hand what line are you using with it?
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    The rise of the celebrity salmon fisher

    I didn't pay him anything? Bumped into him out scouting a fishing spot and got chatting. A tv crew was in tow it turned out they had been filming. If someone wants to pay a guide for the day what's the issue. I paid for one BC.
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    The rise of the celebrity salmon fisher

    I met James by chance I didn't even know him which was a bit embarrassing for me, since then I have followed him. The reason I did follow him he was sound as a pound and had time for a chat. He's making a living out of something he loves fair play to him. If it helps the sport why not !? Can't...
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    Dubbing onto copper tubes.

    Need some advice, I like wrapping 1/2" copper tubes in dubbing and wrapping them in wire. The thing is the dubbing always seems to give way after a few hours swimming my runs. May be i should move to flat braid but the dubbing looks good and works ! Where am I going wrong ? Thanks SH
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    What food items for a days session on the river?

    I'm wanting to prepare a bit better with my lunch/food. I normally wrap up go to a local cafe etc. But fancy having that stash that i can call on if I want to fish on. Probably be in the car over the weekend so was thinking cheese, crackers salami ? What do you guys do? No fancy huts to cook or...
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    Franc and Snelda online shop delivery.

    Hi, Before I send an e mail, what's the usual delivery for materials from franc and snelda ? Have a slick website but I seemed to wait on delivery 2nd time using them.
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    Chasing Silver Magazine

    Never read an issue of Chasing Silver, is it a good read? Not overly interested in Steel Heading etc, but quite like the tackle and devolpmemts from across the pond.
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    Simms Trump and China

    I see Trump is putting tarrifs on goods manufactured in China.....not sure but is it only the gortex waders made in the USA? And everything else made in China ??
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    Farlows of London fly rods any good?

    Hi anyone bought a Farlows of London own brand fly rod? I see a Saltwater series out at present, anyone know any specifcs about the makers balnks etc? Thanks skyhook
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    USA prepaid import tax on E Bay ?

    Looking on E Bay I see that some items incur the import tax at the point of sale? Is this how it works now? Before I paid import tax once it had been shipped then billed by Parcel Force?
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    Simms new g3 jacket 599 euro :0

    I see the latest Simms Tactical Guide G3 wading jacket on sale for 599 Euro ? Is the world going mad?
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    Vision Ikon

    Hi just a quick one, how long have any of you got out of a pair of Vision Ikons before they needed a seam seal etc ? Thanks
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    Pro Sportfisher Sonic Cones

    Hi anyone tried the Pro Sportfisher Sonic Cones, they are the vented version?? Thanks
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    Frodin Club?

    Hi anyone splashed out 15 euro membership on the Frodin Club? What's the story is it any good?
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    LSR for repairing waders??

    Anyone ever used the company LSR for re-taping their Gortex waders ?
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    Cone Heads !!!

    Hi looking for alternative sources for cone heads that will fit 1.8 mm liner other than tube worx ? Thanks
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    GAC giving APR of 19.9% !!

    Just got an e mail from GAC giving a offer of a loan at 19.9% :mad: What a bunch of vultures.....
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    Phoenix Folding Wading Staff????

    Anybody tried the Phoenix Folding Wading Staff? Looks a bit like a Simms... regards skyhook
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    Irish Fisheries Promoting Killing Kelts??

    Have a read of this, unreal....:rolleyes: Irish Angling Update » 14lb Salmon hitches a ride with Fermoy Rowing Club !!