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  1. hurricane

    Diseased trout?

    I found this fella still alive earlier and I put him out of his misery. What type of disease is this?
  2. hurricane

    What sink tip line for single hander

    Alright lads, I’m fishing an area that’s not particularly deep, maybe 7ft max but the current is really really strong. I’m not catching as many fish as I should be, so I want to try something different. I would like a sink tip line or similar than will get through the heavy...
  3. hurricane

    What rod guide eyes for an 11ft shrimping rod

    Hi guys, A have some damaged eyes on My 11ft shrimping rod and on the eyes that are good, the varnish is through to the whipping In places, so I’ve decided to replace them all. anyone recommend a full set to replace them? cheers
  4. hurricane

    Damaged a rod that is very special to me - best way to repair? Thanks

    Hey guys, A car door was closed on this, it’s cracked it badly enough....any other rod would have shattered but this is made with Kevlar. I know inserts can be made but I guess it isn’t required in this instance as the butt section connects right in to just beyond where the...
  5. hurricane

    Wanted - daiwa whisker spinning rod “98” version

    Hello everyone, Would anyone have an older 98 version of daiwa whisker spinning rod? I damaged mine so looking for a replacement. thanks
  6. hurricane

    Wanted: pike gear - floats, traces etc

    Hi I am planning a pike trip in the coming weeks and I’ve no floats or traces etc. I can get these from tackle shops online but I thought I would check here first incase someone has a job lot of Second hand gear they don’t use anymore. Thanks
  7. hurricane

    Are there any members on here with experience in fighting against company’s who “Legally” deposit sewage into rivers

    Hello, A local river is being badly polluted via Overflow pipes at the rear of a sewage treatment plant, which was upgraded back in 2008....while it was upgraded it caused a fish kill of 500 trout. This is a very small feeder river, so this was catastrophic. To this very day, the river...
  8. hurricane

    What brand of braid should I buy?

    Could someone recommend a cost effective Braid to buy? Cheers
  9. hurricane

    Need a new spinning reel - what should I go for?

    Hey chaps, I am currently looking for a new reel. I am not looking to spend a fortune. Any reccomend a shimano that would do the job. Spinning lightish lures and a bit of shrimping. thanks
  10. hurricane

    adapting to single hook legislation - tips for modify floating rapala's? what hooks?

    Hey, I gave up fishing floating lures a few years ago when the single hook only legislation came in but I fancy modifying my lures and fishing them in the floating devon minnow style this season. I have heard of them being modified in a specific way for fishing lock lomond and on the...
  11. hurricane

    Want to take my dad away to fish for pike/perch in Fermanagh, any local knowledge?

    Hi everyone, It’s been a long time since I’ve been online, working life is getting the better of me sadly. My dad has had a hard time in recent years and I am planning to rent a cottage out for him in Fermanagh, in June or July. I’m hoping to find some shoals of perch so he...
  12. hurricane

    Can any recommend a good supplier of nymphs?

    I need a few gold head nymphs and hares ears for next week. My nephew has misplaced some of my fishing gear Before I hit ebay I thought it would be best to ask as I have been caught out in the past. thanks guys
  13. hurricane

    Switching to tubes for single hooks - what combination for fast shallow water?

    Hi, I do not know a lot about tube fly tying. I have found single hook flies skate across the surface where I fish, so I am considering switching to small tubes bann specials etc The water is fast flowing where I fish and in many places no deeper than 4 foot. I would like a single hook...
  14. hurricane

    Anyone have a redington 10ft CPS #7 for parts or the full rod?

    I have unfortunately broken my cps and I need the butt section, if anyone has a broken one I would be happy to pay for the butt section. Failing that, if anyone has a full rod please drop me a pm. Thanks
  15. hurricane

    Relaxing break suggestions- cottage on coast, sea fishing and lively nightlife

    Hi chaps, I've acquired some time of from work in late may. I was thinking of booking a hotel but now thinking of a cottage but location is important. Must be near some good sea fishing, bass, sea trout, pollock or even river pike fishing would be considered. Would like to be...
  16. hurricane

    What's everyone's favourite nymph patterns for Irish waters?

    I am looking to tie up some gold headed nymphs for my dad who's planning to fish movangher on the river bann in a couple of weeks. Any got any preferred dressings/recipes? Thanks
  17. hurricane

    Zonker Strips for hairwing style flies

    Hi guys, I am looking for a fly which I can tie very quickly as I have very little spare time these days. I am fishing very mixed water these days, so thinking the movement of zonker strips could be advantageous. Can anyone reccomend a good source of zonker strips and advice on tying with...
  18. hurricane

    Anyone make their own flying C's with single barbless hooks? If so, what singles?

    What singles are suitable? I am sick of choPping hooks for compulsory C and R.
  19. hurricane

    What are the best heavy wire barbless doubles available?

    Well after loosing the largest fish ive had on in well over 10 years, I need to find an alternative hook. My double was straightened and I believe it was weakened by barb removal, I can take loosing a fish but when I seen the hook was to blame, I felt and still do feel physically sick.
  20. hurricane

    greengage plums and using them to make alcohol

    A mate had a shed load of these greengage plums growing in his back garden and I was wondering if they could be used to make alcohol. I have never done anything like this before, so all help from the resident alcoholics would be fantastic. cheers!