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    Insect life

    I've just been reading the post about strange bird behaviour and feeding birds and it set me thinking. Does anybody else feel there has been a real lack of fly life this year?For the last few years now I am getting fewer and fewer insects on the car windscreen and grill or on my bike windshield...
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    Wanted "Rutland" boat seat

    Hi all, it's a long shot on a salmon forum I know but I am looking for a "Rutland" boat seat if anybody has one they don't need. Not looking for an Airflo one or any other make. Thanks SP8
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    T20 leader

    Anybody know the best place to get lengths of T20 to make into leaders these days? SP8
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    Greys Streamflex Mk1 10ft five wt wanted

    Any condition Greys Mk1 streamflex 10ft 5wt required. A long shot I know but you never know SP8
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    Excellent warranty service from Greys

    I've read a lot of negative posts over the years about manufacturers "lifetime" rod warranties so I am pleased to tell a good story. Last week I broke my favourite stillwater rod, a Greys Mk1 Streamflex 10 5wt which I have had for about 13 years (unlucky?). It was a result of my own clumsiness...
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    BFR Dragonfly 395 cassette reel

    Hi All, I know it's a long shot but does anyone have a BFR (Leeda) Dragonfly 395 Concept cassette reel which they don't need? Any condition as long as the face plate isn't damaged. Mine went overboard at Stocks the other day! I have another 395 fortunately but all my competition lines are on the...
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    Reasonably priced wading jacket

    Can anyone recommend a wading jacket for less than £100 that is waterproof? I've searched the posts on here and opinion is mixed. Preferably opinions from people whose jackets have been out in downpours and survived! (please don't tell me I need something costing £500 with an American name on...
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    fishing the Tees above Cow Green

    I am aware of the fishing below Cauldron Snout but yesterday I was told that there is good fishing above Cow Green but have only been able to find one vague reference to it online. Does anybody know the situation regarding access to the fishing? SP8
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    Prewerving skins

    Preserving skins I have a couple of freshly skinned squirrels. In the past I have pinned out skins and rubbed borax into the skin side and left them to dry. Has anybody got any other ideas how to preserve them? SP8
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    Barbless trebles

    The only time I use treble hooks now is when I am fishing small plastic tubes when I use my dwindling stock of 16 and 18 outpoint trebles. I find they take a good hold but at the same time are easy to remove. One of my clubs insists on barbless hooks so I just wondered if anybody had experience...
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    Fly Fishing Forum

    Haven't been able to access the FFF for several days now. Has anybody else had the same problem? SP8
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    Just a little article to cheer us all up

    It's a long read but worth the effort. Of course it's all stuff that we anglers have been banging on about for years but everybody knows we are bonkers:) Britain's water crisis | Nick Davies | Environment | The Guardian Just what you want to read after the last three seasons. SP8
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    Fantastic investment opportunity in Nigerian oil

    Any takers? NIGERIAN NATIONAL PETROLEUM CORPORATION {NNPC}, NIGERIA CONTRACT NUMBER {NNPD/FGN/0276CONFILE0067 1998-2000. Attention Dear It is with trust and confidence that I write this urgent business assistance to you. Before I Commence My Name Is Mrs Katie Allen Mohamed a Nigerian by...
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    Windows 10 and music files

    I made the mistake of updating to Windows 10 today. Everything was working fine and I knew I should have left it alone! I can't play music now on either itunes or Amazon music player. All the libraries are there but clicking on the play button has no effect. Can anybody help in words of one...
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    Did anybody else suffer the mother of all hailstorms last night? About midnight I thought world war three had broken out. Constant lightning and thunder overhead and hailstones the size of golfballs and some bigger. My car looks like it has been in a war zone this morning with dents all over it...
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    Airflo Ultra supple impact midge tip wanted

    It's a long shot I know but if anybody has the Ultra-supple Impact taper midge tip (the coral pink one with the 1 metre clear tip) in either 7 or 5 wt and they don't want it please let me know. My 7wt went round the prop at Rutland and I have replaced it with the newer version with the green tip...
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    Starter Outfit, Wychwood Truflex 13ft, Okuma SLV, Greys Grx Spey line

    Clearing my unused gear out so I have the following for sale. I would rather they all went together but will split. They make an ideal outfit for somebody starting out with a double handed set up. Wychwood Truflex 13ft 3 piece 9/10. Complete with bag and cordura tube.This is a powerful 13 foot...
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    technical computer issue

    OK someone help. While posting a reply to a thread something happened and the forum display magnified to overfill my laptop screen. How can I get it back to fit the screen? Its a Sony Vaio if that helps. SP8
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    Countryfile tonight. RSPB lying again

    The RSPB seem to have changed their tune again. It's not that long since the head warden at one of their flagship reserves was filmed saying that there was far more biodiversity on a well managed grouse moor than the alternatives (presumably ones run by the RSPB!). Tonight one of their...
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    New 7wt competition rod

    I am looking to replace my ageing GRX 10ft 7 wt which I use for boat competitions. My tennis elbow has flared up again and although I try to avoid sinking line fishing when pleasure fishing sometimes it has to be done in a competition. I am looking for something lighter and may even go down to a...