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    Hardy demon 5000 for sale

    Hi I have for sale a hardy demon 5000 with a hardy Mach line. I'm looking for around £150. Both the reel and line are in very good condition :) Cheers Gareth
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    Hardy swift mk11 with afs

    Having rescently sold my rod I'm now looking to sell the reel. It's a hardy swift mk11 in good condition I'm looking to sell it with the Rio AFS line that's on it for £200 .I can send pictures via text as I can't upload them on the phone Cheers Gareth
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    14ft G Loomis Stinger for sale

    Hi, I have a 14ft G Loomis stinger for sale, the rod is in very good condition. I am selling it because i hardly ever use it. Rod will also come with original rod tube and bag [/URL][/IMG] Would like £350 for it but would accept a good offer :) Cheers Gareth
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    38lb fish from the shin

    Just seen this on facebook and thought id share it on here as such a specimen has to be seen :) Welcome to Facebook Congrats to the lucky lady :)
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    Mates first fish :)

    Well made plans to head down the river for a spot of fishing due to the high water over the last couple of days. I gave my mate a phone call to see if he wanted to join me. Well he purchased his day ticket and we set off fishing round the bend at lynnbrain hole and at the run entering the chapel...
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    Huge Ferox :O !

    Huge Trout Landed | The Wild Trout Trust What a fish :O
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    Filmed capture of a beast

    Just a vid I found on youtube :) cracking footage. Im not sure where which country it was caught in though :( 42 lb Salmon on the fly. A Bigsalmon production - YouTube
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    First of the season at last

    Got my first of the season today :). Had to go in and get my appendix out at the weekend and the wound is a bit dodgy so Ive got to put the fly rod down for a few weeks. Bought a new spining rod and a couple of lures the other day. Walk down the river and on the third cast this wee cracker took...
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    Fly from my dream

    Had a dream last night where I landed my first salmon on the fly from my local river, so I attemted to tie the flie this morning and im quite pleased with the results. I supose you could probably call it a green highlander varient but whatever it is itl be getting a swim :) Criticism and...
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    River Falloch ???

    Walked to the falls of falloch from Ardlui train station today for some cliff jumping. All along the river their was signs saying private fishing, as far as I was aware the falloch was a spawning river and fishing was strictly forbidden. I did notice that their was alot of small brown trout in...
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    G Loomis Crosscurrent Flyline

    Just looking to see if anyone would be interested in this line. I bought it with the intention of using it for estuary seatrout fishing however turns out that because its a warm saltwater line its very coily on cold water .I know if few of you are into your bonefishing so this line would be...
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    BIG salmon of the Tay today

    Just thought id post the link to this magnificent fish that came off Newtyle today .It weighed 28lb ,well done to the lucky angler :):D!/photo.php?fbid=192852714088571&set=a.126201160753727.9849.125914580782385&theater
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    Countrywise Kitchen

    Did anybody watch countrywise kitchen tonight ? I personally thought it was a bit harsh to chap that lovely wee brownie and a perch :s :/ was enjoying the program up untill then :)
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    First fly

    Hi their folks ,I bought a salmon fly tying kit yesterday (the booklet inside was for trout flys though so I had to go on the internet to look up some flys) .I decided to give it a try tonight and having never tied befor ,I opted to attempt the stoats tail .I didnt have any black hackle so used...
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    Wanted! spools for sage 1800 reel

    Just looking to see if anyones selling any spools for the sage 1800 size 7-9 Cheers Gareth