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    Running Line Help please

    If you decide to persevere with mono, be aware that it absorbs water and is much easier to handle (and stretch to remove memory) once saturated. I use Amnesia and find that if it is completely dry when l start fishing it tends to tangle. Once it has had a chance to take up some water I'll give...
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    Carrying Worms When Fishing

    Just wondering if anyone here uses a cloth bag to carry worms when out on the river? I tend to use a snowbee worm box which clips to my belt but find it a bit of a fiddle sometimes in use. Thanks. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    All the (Airflo) Rage

    Dear hive mind, Do those of you who use the Airflo Rage heads find that they feel heavy for their grain weight? I recently bought the 600gr Rage Hover for use on a rod that works well with a Rio AFS 9/10 (38gram) and couldn't get on with it at all. I was using a 10' slow sink poly with it and it...
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    Airflo Rage Hover 600gr, looking to swap for 540gr

    As title, I'm looking to swap a test cast only 600 grain Rage Hover for the same line in the 540 grain weight in similar nearly new condition. Thanks.
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    Do you roll (cast) your own?

    Hi all, Does anyone here make up or tailor your own shooting heads? It's something that I've just started dabbling in and I'm wondering if any of you have any recommendations for good publications or sites that go into detail about the process. I've got one or two old lines lying around that...
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    Lobworms For Sea Trout

    Hi all, I was thinking the other day that though I've had plenty of sea trout on blueheads, l've never caught any on lobworms. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the same? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    If you don't weigh it; you can't say it!

    There's always controversy about estimated fish weights on this forum and elsewhere. Would it not be better to go by length as a record of size for C&R? Might it save a few arguments and encourage more catch photos? I'd argue that an obsession with weight is a hangover from the days when...
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    Deep Hooking

    Hi all, Do flying c lures deserve their reputation as deep hookers compared to other spinners? I see a lot of references to this on the forum and elsewhere but I've only ever had one fish deep hooked on one. Maybe because the ones l use tend to be fairly small. If yes, l wonder whether...
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    Stiffness Ratio

    Hi all, I'm aware that this might be a long shot but does anybody on here understand stiffness ratios relating to rod blanks? I have an old 12' greys salmon shrimper that I'm thinking of rebuilding as a pokey fly rod (probably for skagit as it is a through action.) I've worked out the stiffness...
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    Seaguar vs...

    Hi all, just wondering if there's any real difference in performance between Seaguar and other reputable makes of fluorocarbon. I use Berkley Trilene 100% fluoro and have found it to be very good. Does anyone have experience of using different brands and deciding Seaguar comes out on top? It's...
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    Steaming Flies

    Apologies if this is common knowledge but here's a tip for anybody with flies that have been crushed in storage. Simply hold the fly (with forceps or similar!) in the steam from the kettle/pan of water and it'll regain its former shape. Make sure you let it dry somewhere before putting it back...
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    Craft Fur

    Hi All, Is anyone using craft fur? If so, what are the pros and cons and can anyone suggest a good source? Thanks.
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    Catching Tying Waste

    Hi all, just wondering whether anybody has a good diy solution for keeping cuttings from building up on the floor when tying. (And then getting walked round the house, glo-brite floss I'm looking at you.) I'm thinking of making something from stiff wire to hang a bag from but thought there may...
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    Cutting an AFS

    Hello all, I'm thinking of cutting back a AFS floater/intermediate tip to create a line that will cast better in windy conditions. Will this work? I use an AFS full floater with tips and an intermediate and find them both very user friendly but always seem to have difficulty with the F/I so...
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    Daiwa Wilderness 12'

    Looking for a Daiwa Wilderness fly rod 12', either XT or original. Thanks.
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    Orvis Spey - Right hand wind?

    Hi all, I've just got myself an Orvis Spey salmon reel and I'm wondering how to change it over to right-hand wind. Anyone know how to go about it? I've had the reel apart but couldn't figure it out. From what I've read, these reels are very similar to the Leeda Magnum series, so info on the...