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  1. lefthandup

    Holding a fish for a picture.

    What's the thoughts of anglers holding their salmon for a supposedly quick photo before releasing? I've personally seen some howlers recently.... everything from selfies with the salmon ....picking them up by the tail....holding them as far away from the body as possible so it looks bigger...
  2. lefthandup

    Hugh falkus out barb trebles

    As new....Hugh Falkus outbarb trebles size 10. 15 hooks. £12 posted
  3. lefthandup

    Nice fish today

    Caught on a Sunray, hit it like an express train... around 15lbs.
  4. lefthandup

    What's your favourite TV series of all time or what do you recommend ?

    I just love bingeing on some of the great shows that are available , currently I've just finished series two of Gomorrah and would highly recommend.... brilliantly shot and quite brutal... what's your favourite or recommendations ?
  5. lefthandup

    Come across these...09/10 I think

    It's not often we get much snow on our coastline, but we had a lot those two years. These along with s whole load of old fishing photos popped up on a usb I had lying about...quite like them.
  6. lefthandup

    Shooting head rod...skagit rod... all-rounder

    So being probably the least technical fishermen on this board which rods suit what lines ? I have quite a few rods my main being a guideline lpxe and I use skagit and shooting heads on them but I've seen posts from the likes of Rennie stating these would be more S/H rods but I've...
  7. lefthandup

    Simms wading stick. Looking to swap ...or make me an offer What you got?
  8. lefthandup

    Logie & Relugus river Findhorn

    Don't think I've shared this on here ,but if you are into a bit of rock climbing ,sight fishing and beautiful scenery and can cast of your left shoulder...this beat just may be of interest.
  9. lefthandup

    A few rivers ,mates and a Salmon or two

    Just a bit of a mash really...
  10. lefthandup

    Couple of pics to end the season.

  11. lefthandup

    When the salmon aren't there.

    From a few years back . The salmon never turned up due to low water,as frustrating as it was I turned back to fishing for Brown Trout using the dry fly. I knew from past experience that my wee spate river could hold some good Brownies,but it was a skill I hadn't experienced for about 15...
  12. lefthandup

    New wading boots.

    Met this chap today on his way to the river. Fantastic Idea with the DIY non slip wading boots. Add all the gadgets and accessories he looked like the complete salmon angler.
  13. lefthandup

    How have the government handled Britain's workforce during the pandemic.

    Self employed or on the payroll I think the government have been quite generous considering all the muck ups they have made during this time. Of course some may think that they have failed with grants and furlough schemes. What's your thoughts on how the government have handled the country's...
  14. lefthandup

    Airflow rage hover 600 grains

    Looking for the above, they seem to be discontinued .
  15. lefthandup

    Attire when fishing.

    Ok, who wears a tie when they go Salmon fishing ? Come on now ... don't be shy.
  16. lefthandup

    Thoughts on a member ?(fight corner)

    Post your grievance in here....?
  17. lefthandup

    Lost days

    If there's something that really boils my liquid, it's losing a day on the river and not being offered a refund OR a day at a later date. I think if you live near the beat in question the least they can do (especially the Ghillies) is offer you another day when they are not let. This happened...
  18. lefthandup

    In the drink

    Yesterday I took a dive (well slip) and ended up in the drink, about a good builders bucket of water down the back of my waders and a fairly uncomfortable rest of the day fishing. What I have noticed in the last few years as I get older is how unsteady and more cautious I've become whilst...
  19. lefthandup

    Tweedbeats booking system.

    I really don't know if this is worth a thread starter, anyhow.... Looking through the availability on Tweedbeats there are let's available with the price of a day, then I go into October and look on certain beats with available rods but no price? Does this mean the price is negotiable ? Or are...
  20. lefthandup

    What river is your unlucky one ?

    I've caught a fish (salmon) in just about every river I have fished apart from two. The Till and The Tay are the rivers I look at with less interest these days, I've had sea trout from both and I've had a few salmon from the Tummel but never one from the main mine is definitely the...