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    smoothing joint between running line and shooting head

    Hi, I have a Airflo Scandi Compact attached loop to loop to running line. never being a problem on the larger river but now fishing a smaller river so the joint is catching more when preparing to cast, wondering what is the best way to smooth the joint. heat shrink weld, whipping etc etc . all...
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    Scandi spey for single handed rods

    Hi. Thinking of fitting one of these lines onto my 10 foot #8 sea trout rods. I have identified 3 lines which might be up my street. 1. Lee Wulff Ambush triangle taper 2. Barrio SLX 3. Rio in touch. I want the ability to punch out a good length of line using roll, spey or switch type casts in...
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    Orkney end of may 2017

    Hi. I have just booked a weeks Family holiday for the last week of May next year. We are staying in Kirkwall and although fishing is not the reason for going, I would not mind a few pointers for fishing locations that could be fitted in between family duties. I am more than happy with trout...
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    Do salmon leap in the sea

    This came up in a discussion recently. I do not really get the chance to see this first hand too often, but I was of the opinion (from reading some of my old fishing books many years back) that salmon milling about off wild rocky shores on the west cost of Scotland would leap in the surf as the...
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    where to buy trout flies online.

    As my eyesight is no longer good enough to tie small trout flies, I bought 10 dries from a local tackle shop. I never thought to ask the price first so was shocked when they worked out at just over a pound each. Looked online and saw a number of sites selling trout flies at around 40-50p and...
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    Cuba 2015

    If this is the wrong area I apologise, but Cuba is one of the destinations I am looking at for a 60th holiday. It is not a fishing holiday but I would like a day or two flyfishing for bone / tarpon etc. I have no knowledge of this type of fishing, times, locations, seasons so any advice welcome.
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    Custom built split cane rod

    Hi, I am paying a vist to a split cane Rod builder called Gary Marshall in Mickleover in July this year, re having a rod built for me. Does anyone know of Gary and his rods. Regards NTFS
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    Help with tracking down Partridge rod.

    Hi, I am in the process of commissioning the building of a split cane trout rod and I remember that many years ago Partridge ran an advert in the Trout and Salmon for a limited edition cane fly rod. I think:o it had blue whippings and silver fittings and I remember being sorely tempted at the...
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    Which trout floating line

    Ok, never did replace my trout line but planning a trip to New Zealand next year and looking for a good line for sight fishing on my 9' #5/6 travel rod. Rio Perception, Hardy marksman or any others that I should know about?. Fairly experienced angler but I tend to keep my tackle for many years...
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    New Zealand 2015.

    Hi guys, this is an appeal for information/advice to all you well travelled global fishers. I have a milestone birthday coming up in June 2015 and intend to head off to NZ with my wife for about 3 weeks or so. Although not actually a fishing holiday, no visit to this hallowed land could be...
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    loop green whipping thread

    Does anyone know where I can buy a spool of whpping thread to match a loop multi. Is there a colour code?. Need to replace a snake ring on my 12' loop.
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    Any one got the Guidline Kispiox wading jacket

    . In the market for a new Jacket and really like the clean lines of this one, also like the colour but that is not an issue.. Any advice on size (I am probaly 40-41 chest) are the sizes genorous . plus any comments on what you think of it.
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    replacement loops on polyleaders.

    The little mono loop at the end of two of my polyleaders( 1 Rio and 1 tip from a quattro) have snapped, is there a way to repair without a lumpy figure of eight knot.
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    A neat tapered head

    Hi Guys, I have noticed on some of your pictures of finished flies how neat and tapered the heads are. Despite tying for a good number of years my heads are often ~@*/ with steep drop offs after the wing and bulky heads where I have applied thread to realign it, and I actually think as I get...
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    Rods to cast sewin caster line.

    Hi guys, I bought a sewin caster with inty tip to fish on my old 2 piece 10' hardy deluxe #7/8 but it feels more than a bit heavy on it. I was going to upgrade anyway to a 4 piece rod so just wondered if any of you can recommend rods that will handle this line well. Not bothered about fancy...
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    Accommodation for River Eden

    Don't know where to put this but if any of you are planning a trip to the lower Cumbrian Eden and looking for somewhere to stay (not much around) then you could do no better than my local Inn. Sits above the Eden opposite Wetheral and less than 5 mins from Warwick Hall so well placed for most...
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    Loch/sailing boat

    Hi, can I pick the brains of some of you knowledgable guys on here. I used to have a loch fishing boat in my younger day and I fancy another, however my wife and I also fancy a bit of sailing on Ullswater. Cant have both space wise but wondered if there is any boat around 12' ish that has the...
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    Shooting heads for river trouting

    Hi, with the river trout season only weeks away I was thinking of a new line for my trout rod so looked in the magazines!!!! oh my god :confused:, the range is huge but how to make sense of it all. Easy thinks I, why not ask the many experts in the forum for their advice. my question. I have...
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    Tips on hot smoking using an airflo highland smoker.

    Hi all , just like to wish you a happy new year and I hope a successful one. I recieved the above smoker as a christmas present but was surprised to find no instruction book with it?. I know it is a simple process but there are always best practices so hence the post, I am sure we have experts...
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    Rio Windcutter # 10/11 + tips

    Hi, I have a Rio windcutter #10/11 with a wallet of tips (no box) that no longer have a use in my rod range. Would anybody fancy a swap for a Rio AFS or similar shooting head in 34 - 38 grams.