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    Danielsson spool

    Gents, im after an L5W 6/9 spool if anyone has one? I got one from Danielsson just recently but shouldve really got 2 at the same time and saved myself another courier fee🙄. I’ll try here first....anyone have one to sell?
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    Gents - new model Lamson Speedster S, size 7+(WF6/7/8). Bought this fairly recently but havent used it(bought a cassette reel at same time). Im a bit late to do a refund on it now. Stunning bit of kit, in the harder to source smoke grey colour. Would go great with any single hander or even a...
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    Loop Evotec spare spool

    Long shot - anyone have a spare 5/8 spool for an Evotec G4 reel? Black, blue, orange.....doesnt really matter. Loop Outlet store have finally sold out unfortunately.
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    Sage Fly Rod and Reel Case

    Sage Fly Rod and Reel Case for a 9ft fly rod. Would suit any typical 9ft #5/6 4 piece rod. Unused, sitting in the garage collecting dust. £30 paypal plus £5 towards postage.
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    Loop Evotec

    Looking for an Evotec 6/8 reel(original silver colour wanted - not the multi colour ones in the current Loop outlet store).
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    Lamson Litespeed 3 Hard Alox Reel II

    Lamson Litespeed 3 Hard Alox II with original box, pouch, papers etc. Fitted with good quality gel spun backing. No marks or scratches, just a slight bit of wearing to the Lamson writing on the rear. Hardly used, its like new. £175. Paypal preferred. Can email pics.
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    Sage Reel

    Bit of a long shot but you never know. Looking for a Sage 4650 or 4660 if anyone wants to sell.
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    Sir Tom Moore - Knighted

    In amongst all the usual cack of the day headlines and nonsense, how wonderful it was to see the truly amazing Sir Tom Moore receiving his Knighthood this afternoon. 100 years old...£32 million raised!... what an incredible man. In glorious sunshine(and not a face mask or 2m barrier sign in...
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    PD Malloch closing its doors

    After more than a 100 years in business, Mallochs to close doors later this month. Sorry cant get the link to copy across. Its in todays Courier however.
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    Danielsson Reel

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    Rio Gold Fly Line

    XXX...SOLD....XXX £40 posted.
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    Set of Barrio Trout Lines

    ....XXXXXSOLDXXXXX £35 posted.
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    Loop Cross S1 Single Hand Rod

    Bit of a long shot - looking to swap my Loop Cross S1 9’6ft #7 for a similar quality 10ft #6 weight. Rod has been lightly used, probably seen a days use at most. In mint condition, comes with aluminium tube etc. Great single hander for the grilse or sea trout, or rainbow bashing! Would let it go...
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    Danielsson Reel and Barrio Line

    XXXXX...REEL SOLD...XXXXX. Thanks for all the enquiries. £175.
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    Sage Z-Axis 10ft #7

    Sage Z Axis 10ft #7 with original Sage aluminium tube and bag. Been used for approximately 3 or 4 hours fishing since new, its the next best thing to ‘as new’. I dont think you’ll find a better example for sale. £300 posted.
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    Trout rod

    Folks, looking for 9ft #5 for the trout. Ideally after something a bit faster action....a Sage Or a Scott S4....something along that lines. Please pm if you have anything. Cash waiting for a nice condition rod.
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    Allen Fly Reels

    Any thoughts on Allen reels? I bought one recently, seems really well made for the money. Lovely smooth drag, very well finished, and not a single bit of movement between spool and frame.
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    Hardy Swift Mark II 10ft #7

    Anyone have one theyd be willing to sell? Or(bit of a long shot) any spare sections? Must be for 10ft #7 mark II, 3 piece model. Cash waiting.....:)
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    Hardy Swift Mark II 10ft #7

    Doh!...posted in wrong section! Admin please remove...thanks.