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    McLean weigh net wanted

    As title, a good friend got a long service award from his employer and would love to get a McLean weigh net as his reward. Out of stock everywhere, so could anyone help please?
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    Showing fish

    Would like to pick the brains of the forum on Salmon that show themselves, head and tailing or splashing. My home rivers are the Itchen and the Hants Avon. Occasional visits to the Wear and the Tees. On the Avon I'm picturing a spot which often holds at least one fish which will head and tail...
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    LXPE Trout rod

    An acquaintance has asked me to find what this could be worth. Apparently unused #3 7'6". Any ideas?
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    Prawn pins

    Anyone know anywhere selling 3 inch prawn pins?
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    Sinking lines

    Been a long time since I have used any sinking lines apart from poly leaders. When I last used any it was slow sinkers, wet cell 2 or hi speed hi D. I'm thinking of using something close to the old wet cell 2, single handed on the Avon this Spring. I see the descriptions have all changed over...
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    Hooks for Rapala/110 copies.

    Got some Rapala/110 copies as recommended on here and very nice they are too. Hooks while very sharp are made of toffee and I fully expected to replace them anyway as I'll be fishing the Hants Avon where only one hook is allowed. Torn between singles or trebles. So, looking for a bit of advice...
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    Neoprene chesties

    As title a pair of Snowbee stockingfoot neoprene chest waders size XL suitable for size 9 feet with matching felt/rubber soled wading boots. Size 11. Only worn twice. Great for winter fishing Waders £50 Boots £40 Pair £80. Collect North London or can post at cost. About .£10
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    Tees Salmon

    In Salmon news section at the top of the home page is a post written by John Bailey. Very interesting, he's guiding in Yorkshire, Trout, Salmon and Grayling, well worth a read. The stand out bit for me though was that his favorite river was the Tees. Describes how he and a few close friends have...
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    Conspiracy theory, informed comment?

    As before, save this, I doubt it'll be up for long. Well informed intelligent man discusses our present situation with others. Please watch completely. I'll try not to make any further comments, especially with deranged Leftists.
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    Salad washing into the river Itchen. Firm closes down.
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    Surfers against Sewage

    Like some others I responded to their petition, posted here, a few weeks back and signed it. Had a phone call today from a delightful young lady soliciting for donations. I refused to donate on the basis that there are lots of organisations (the EA?) that would like to achieve the same aim and...
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    Loading flyline.

    Years ago flylines invariably were supplied on spools and it was an easy job to transfer them to to a reel, reel to reel as it were, like a tape recorder. Nowadays though lines tend to be supplied without spools in coils and held together with a couple of bits of pipe cleaner. I've got a few of...
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    Petition to stop sewage discharge into our rivers. Please sign and share.
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    Hard reel case

    These have turned up on a well known auction site and look to be pretty useful. Can take fly reels and fixed spools and protect from damage.
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    John Norris 20% off sale today and tomorrow.

    As per title, fill your boots. All fishing rods reels lines etc.
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    Scierra Kenai Pro wading jacket.

    Anyone got an opinion on the above please?
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    Owner hooks In my local tackle shop the other day to pick up some Owner trebles and was dismayed to be told that he didn't have any because the distributor had given up handling Owner hooks. A large distributor so there could be a shortage in the near future unless...
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    How deep?

    Let's say that a Salmon has been lying in a particular spot for a week. Nice steady current in around 8 feet of water. Head and tailing regularly and so far has refused all flies and spinners presented to it. How deep is it likely to be lying between showing itself? What would be the best depth...
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    Pair of XL neoprene chesties + felt sole boots size 11. Swap for a decent wading jacket Still looking for a new home, would swap for a decent wading jacket size XL. Thanks.