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  1. hurricane

    The River Bush

    I fish the bann, and it has fished very well compared to last year. However, I fished the bush two days last week and never even seen a fish. It is slow on the bann right now too.
  2. hurricane

    Diseased trout?

    Its defiantly a wild fish. The stocked fish in that rivers are typically at least a pound weight, and you couldn’t mistake them for a wild fish the fins are in such poor condition. The river in question once got a small run of sea trout say in the 80’s but disappeared like many rivers in...
  3. hurricane

    Diseased trout?

    Interestingly the river in question does sometimes get stocked with farmed fish.....however this fish is definitely wild.
  4. hurricane

    Diseased trout?

    bann system in Ireland, and a river that doesn’t have a run of sea trout.....
  5. hurricane

    Diseased trout?

  6. hurricane

    Diseased trout?

  7. hurricane

    Diseased trout?

    I found this fella still alive earlier and I put him out of his misery. What type of disease is this?
  8. hurricane

    Damaged a rod that is very special to me - best way to repair? Thanks

    Could anyone reccomend someone who could fix this?
  9. hurricane

    Irish salmon holiday advice

    Mount falcon if your feeling flush? always meant to be give it a throw but foxford area is hard to beat in terms of value.
  10. hurricane

    What sink tip line for single hander

    Alright lads, I’m fishing an area that’s not particularly deep, maybe 7ft max but the current is really really strong. I’m not catching as many fish as I should be, so I want to try something different. I would like a sink tip line or similar than will get through the heavy...
  11. hurricane

    Curries Reds!

    I’ve caught more fish on variations of this than any other fly. I like to fish a standard curry’s red on the dropper, and the point fly virtually identical to the dropper, except tried with a bit of orange in it somewhere, could be an orange hen hackle or just some orange veilings added in.
  12. hurricane

    Yorkshire worms

    The ultimate is the “blackhead worm”. A bunch of 3 pulsating through spate water is a killer bait for salmon. I do miss it since it was banned but it’s for the greater good.
  13. hurricane

    Damaged a rod that is very special to me - best way to repair? Thanks

    It’s an American rod, and even at that, none have been sold in the last 3 months on American eBay......a repair is the only option really. Are there any rod builders on here fancy taking this on or recommend someone who could?
  14. hurricane

    What rod guide eyes for an 11ft shrimping rod

    Hi guys, A have some damaged eyes on My 11ft shrimping rod and on the eyes that are good, the varnish is through to the whipping In places, so I’ve decided to replace them all. anyone recommend a full set to replace them? cheers
  15. hurricane

    Damaged a rod that is very special to me - best way to repair? Thanks

    Hey guys, A car door was closed on this, it’s cracked it badly enough....any other rod would have shattered but this is made with Kevlar. I know inserts can be made but I guess it isn’t required in this instance as the butt section connects right in to just beyond where the...
  16. hurricane

    Lough Conn ,River Moy 1971.

    And it’s still such a special place today. I caught my first fish on the moy, I’ll never forget it .
  17. hurricane

    The Dreaded Flying C

    i have seen them a lot deeper than that and even if a single hook is used, if it’s take deep, it’s probably curtains......
  18. hurricane

    The Dreaded Flying C

    Wow, I never would have thought so many people on here would be so sensitive about their flying condoms.
  19. hurricane

    The Dreaded Flying C

    That’s not 100% true, it’s very dependent on the type of river you fish in terms of its effectiveness. Yes it’s banned on many spate rivers as people antagonise fish with the prawn and it’s can be deadly in this respect. In non-spate rivers where fish are free to run, the flying c covers water...