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    I couldn't agree more about the Gold lines. I have a 5wt and the more I use it the more I like it. I can't see me buying anything else when it comes to trout floating lines in the future. Hope they don't discontinue them. SP8
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    If you mean the loop to loop from head to running line I have solved this issue by putting shrink tube over the join. This is only any good if you don't intend changing heads. I have done it with both my Rage heads. Of course you also need more running lines and spools/reels but this wasn't a...
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    Yorkshire 20 pounder

    T That's what I thought when I saw it. The river is low at the moment but did have a big lift about two weeks ago. Salmon fishing on the Ure is still in its infancy and there is a lot to find out still about run timings and where the fish like to hold up. I'm pretty sure there is a reasonable...
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    I actually bought the 5wt Maxcatch Gold to replace the Airflo Lake special that I had which after an hour or so became impossible to cast any distance because the running line twisted so much. Both the Maxcatch and the Aventik 5wt nymph line I have are a dream to cast, float all day and lie dead...
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    Ribble 2021

    Young cattle. They have the characteristics of all adolescents. A stout wading stick can be a deterrent . SP8
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    First swallow

    I saw a load of house martins suddenly appear over the lake I was fishing on Monday as there was a good buzzer hatch. I was surprised to see them this early. They disappeared as quickly as they appeared and I wonder if they were a migrating flock stopping for lunch. I haven't seen any more since...
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    Rod Blank Advice!

    I can't fault the Bloke blanks. I have made three trout rods and a 12'6 salmon rod on them and they are great. Can't comment on the specific blank you mention but they seem to be of a general high standard. He is also a very helpful guy if you need any advice. SP8
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    Water Torture - Today’s Private Eye

    I don't supposed anyone is surprised. The next step for the Department will be to re assess the criteria for good waterways and surprisingly there will suddenly be a lot more meeting targets once the EU isn't involved. Or maybe I'm just being cynical. SP8
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    Ribble 2021

    There was a very informative article in one of the magazines recently about seatrout and it is quite a complicated scenario about why they run or not and this can change over time if conditions change. Basically it depends what offers the best survival strategy so its not really accurate to say...
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    Ribble 2021

    I seem to remember that it was believed that there were "landlocked' seatrout in Stocks after it was flooded. However in view of the fact that a seatrout is just a brown trout that went on its holidays I don't know how you could tell. It's possible that for a while fish continued to drop into...
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    Ribble 2021

    Sadly it's too far for me with the restrictions or else a day flexing the casting muscles would have been good. Snowed in this morning so don't even have to think about it. SP8
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    Ribble 2021

    Bradford City have water on the deeps although I've never fished it as I am not a bait or spin fisher but judging from their annual reports salmon get caught there. It would seem an ideal area for fish to hold up without expending much energy but who knows what a salmon thinks. SP8
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    Hare’s Ear Halfhog Hopper

    What hackle have you used? SP8
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    Aventik's blanks

    If they are as good as the trout line I got they will be ok Pete. Wouldn't mind betting they will be very similar to more well known and expensive blanks:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::) SP8
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    Hare’s Ear Halfhog Hopper

    Really got into using these flies last season where they worked really well on my local res as a point fly on a washing line. Also worked on Menteith. Haven't tried a Hares Ear one so I shall be tying a few. SP8
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    Ribble 2021

    My old friend who is no longer with us fished the Stainforth syndicate for years and had a caravan there . Some of you may know who I mean. He always said that some of the earliest fish caught could come from up there given the conditions. SP8
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    Can someone tell me what this bird is ?

    Last year I think it was we had a parakeet on our windowsill. Not seen anymore since. Saw loads of the noisy little b's in London a few years ago SP8
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    What a tit

    Every winter I get a small flock on my feeders. Look forward to seeing them turn up. SP8
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    Heinz – 57 grayling dry fly

    I'd bank on that working. I have something similar. Basically Griffiths Gnat with cdc wing. I don't use the red silk but I like it. Red is always good for grayling SP8
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    Welcome to Yorkshire - Fishing the River Ure

    Probably but it's in Scotland:) we were discussing English rivers. I dare say Scotland would have a fair few that beat any in England. SP8