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    Scandi Taper

    I´ve done some new images. Enjoy ! :)
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    Yokanga 2019

    As many will have heard, there was a tragic accident in the second week when head guide, Red Sergei, drowned in a boating accident. With 25 years’ experience on the river and a favourite guide among fishermen, he will be much missed. Our thoughts are very much with his family. Following the...
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    LOOP S1 1409-4 vs. LOOP SX 1409-4

    Anybody to compare both rods?
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    Airflo rage compact

    Airflo Rage Compact Shooting Heads AIRFLO has launched some new heads: Float (630 gr + 660 gr) Hover (480 gr - 660 gr) Hover / Intermediate (480 gr - 660 gr) :)
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    Loop Cross S1 1409-4

    I like 31 g on the 1207-4 and 39 g on the 1308-4, perfect match for me and my style of casting. What weight for the #9? So if the #8 needs 39 g the #9 needs at least 42 g I thought last year and made some casts at Varzuga. Ouuups, this was ... :confused: Many people say and write about...
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    Spool manufacturer

    Any idea who´s the manufacturer of these spools? The heads are from ZPEY, produced by RIO - but I can´t imagine they produce these spools, too. Thx Martin
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    Mass Distribution

    ... based on diameter, length and density. Martin
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    Upper or lower hand?

    If you want to execute a cast with a double-handed rod you have to fix the running / shooting line, you can clamp it between your fingers or press it to the cork. Which hand do you use for this?
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    Guideline Power Taper Compact RTG

    Just noticed that there are 2 different variants on the market: #7/8 and #8/9 are lichen green and have this mass distribution: #9/10 is white and looks like this: Looks a little bit (100% ???) like the discontinued Short Cut RTG with new labels on ... :cool:
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    Trout and Salmon

    I didn´t realise that my subscription of T&S ended in August, so I missed the September, October and November (!!!) issues, I can´t believe, but I was told they are out of stock (November ???). :mad: Any help would be wonderful - payment in advance is not the problem ... Cheers Martin
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    Spliced & welded loops

    Spliced and Welded Loops One of my favourite lines is the Guideline Triple-D, which has to be cut to the desired length and weight - Salmon fishing is always a matter of faith ...:o But you also need to make a loop. The last ones I did this way: Martin :cool:
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    Troutcontrol - Shooting Heads

    Some months ago I had the pleasure of fishing with Alan, Jock, David, Duncan, Philip, Laurence and some other members of the SFF to the Ponoi in Russia - and since yesterday I'm now even advertising partner in the SFF, which makes me proud! Since 2008, I run the shop, which - as the name...
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    Welded Loops

    All AIRFLO Shooting Heads come with a black loop at the end - and sometimes it´s nice to have a hair straightener handy.... 1,1 mm Remove the coating with a hair straightener (it lasts only 2 seconds) use some Aceton.. put it in a short heat shrinking tube... let the hair straightener...
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    Map of River Dee

    Moin, I´m searching for a virtual map (no wallpaper) of the Dee´s Salmon beats and pools. Thanks for any help! Cheers Martin:)
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    Hello from Berlin

    Hi, it´s about 2 weeks ago, we sat on the sofa, when my girlfriend decided after studying one of these awfull celebrity-magazines, that she wants to go to Wales for a holiday trip next year (you know: Katherine Zeta-Jones, Christian Bale and so on). 2 minutes later I had a copy of my beloved T&S...