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  1. FaughanPurple

    Munro's Willie

    Despite tyeing and fishing them occasionally, I don't remember ever taking a fish on a hair wing pattern . They're such a simple construction over simple tinsel bodies and the vibrant Orange and yellow hairs look great cloaked with black and a touch of blue just adds the finishing touch with...
  2. FaughanPurple

    Alvarez v BJS

    Well who you got, Formality win or major upset? I might set the alarm for this one myself.. He's no mayweather but he can be slick BJS. He's in with the big boys now though.
  3. FaughanPurple

    A Willy Waddy

    Liking these the more I tye on them. The latest in the box
  4. FaughanPurple

    Muddled CDC Dabbler

    One for a big wave or pulling through the margins at last light
  5. FaughanPurple

    Danube Salmon

    The Huchen Or Hucho Hucho. I was sent this picture during the week by a pal out on a hike of a spawning pair in a tributary. The biggest was at least a meter long!! It's obviously sparked chat of a trip when we can travel again. Has anyone on the forum targeted these leviathans before?
  6. FaughanPurple

    Thunder Shrimps

    And a couple of Badgers
  7. FaughanPurple

    Honey Badger Shrimps

    Honey Badger over Sunburst Ginger Burnt Orange and Gold
  8. FaughanPurple

    A Bumble B..

    Anana Saw my first Bumble Bee of 2021 buzzing past at lunchtime and went to tye a WOIGOB I guess I'm still stuck in shrimp mode and a blue collared Banana appeared instead
  9. FaughanPurple

    Thunder & Lightening

    Not my usual fare and as far as tubes or big flies go, quite a crude device imho by modern standards.. On a head stagger, I Threw a few variants together recently using calf tail and Artic Runner dyed Fiery Brown.. I started wanting to tie a few shrimp style, as you'll see from the bottom...
  10. FaughanPurple

    Finn Gold

    Happy Finn Day...
  11. FaughanPurple

    Kylie and Friends

    Topping up the tree fodder
  12. FaughanPurple

    Its a new day

    It's The Drowse Dawn
  13. FaughanPurple

    Dubois v Joyce

    Who you got? Not a huge fan of either but this is a bit of a watershed fight for them both .. those in the know seem to fancy Dubois early or Joyce the later it goes..
  14. FaughanPurple


    Something that although around awhile, only really caught my attention around a year ago. With lockdown this year I really got the chance to tune in to more hours of various podcasts during which I really enjoyed the series with Peter Crouch The one that really opened the rabbit hole for me...
  15. FaughanPurple

    Claret and Ginger

    These Faughan Shrimps and Foxford Shrimps should fill the box gaps for the end of the season
  16. FaughanPurple

    Into the NWest

    I Managed to grab another weekend in the NW just after storm Ellen ripped through. The bad weather, a bit of fate and some mixed comms, meant i got to tick a destination off the bucket list and got to try my hand at Sea Trout and Salmon from a drifting boat. The day started well with a strong...
  17. FaughanPurple


    As sods law would have it, it's not stopped raining since I tyed these up...
  18. FaughanPurple


    Finally got off m'erse and got out Saturday evening for a couple of hours and again Sunday morning... its always good to get a few hours on the river, they're even better when the fish play ball too One for the river and 1 for me ?
  19. FaughanPurple

    Small Singles selection

    10s and a wee 14 treble
  20. FaughanPurple

    Irish Shrimp selection

    Odd thunderstorm rattling around this week ?