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  1. Springer

    More Benchrest Success

    Back in April I started my first season of competitive benchrest shooting as a way of promoting my relatively new custom rifle building business. The idea was to try and prove my products against the cream of the UK benchrest shooters. Benchrest is like the Formula One of rifle shooting, its...
  2. Springer

    Building the Big Dog

    I thought this might be of interest to some of you guys who are following my shooting exploits. This slideshow details the three weeks of work that went into building my first benchrest heavy gun. Im currently leading the UK Benchrest Association Heavy Gun Championship after winning all of the...
  3. Springer

    My Benchrest Success

    I dont post here now as my mind is elsewhere but I though sharing this news would be of interest to some of my friends. Since I started building rifles I have striven to do my very best every time, every rifle is as important to me as the last or the next. I build every one with the same...
  4. Springer

    A Little Black Number.

    For those who were interested in my last post. This one is built on a factory Tikka T3 action but with a custom barrel, stock and graphite black cerakote finish.
  5. Springer

    Sir Bobby Robson 18/2/33 - 31/7/2009

    Seven years ago today we lost one of British footballs true greats, a Geordie and a Gentleman of the highest order. Gone but never forgotten Rest in peace Sir Bobby.
  6. Springer

    Family Reunion

    I had a bit of a family reunion this afternoon at my workshop, matriarch Safi in the middle flanked by daughters Maggie (right) who lives with us and little Safi (left) who we haven't seen since she was 8wks old. Great to see she has grown into a beautifully natured girl like the mother and big...
  7. Springer

    My new life after SFF

    Since selling SFF in May I receive PM's or phone calls from people asking how I am, what Ive been up to etc so I thought a little insight into my life post SFF might interest some. Firstly, I haven't turned my back on salmon fishing in any way, I still teach fly casting and salmon fishing here...
  8. Springer

    In or out tomorrow?

    Im surprised we didn't have a poll ages ago.
  9. Springer

    10yrs ago today - A Toon Legend

    I needed something this morning to remind me what it feels like to be a proud Geordie. If we had a team foul of players with the heart, courage and devotion of Big Al we would be much nearer the top than the bottom. Seems like only yesterday...
  10. Springer

    Finding the right rod.

    Ive talked about this in the past but I felt it was worth a recap after a lesson I gave yesterday afternoon. Nick aka DRN stopped off for a lesson on his way from Cornwall to Speyside, he brought with him a friend who is quite local to me called Tom, Tom had a 15' 4pce Loomis Stinger 10/11...
  11. Springer

    New Owners of SFF - a new chapter.

    Guys, After a lot of thought over the last year or so I have now decided the time is right for me to sell SFF. For a good while now I have been approached by a number of interested parties looking to buy the forum from me but in each case I never felt that the fit was right for one reason or...
  12. Springer

    Its the steel?

  13. Springer

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Best wishes to you all both members and lurkers for a very merry and peaceful Christmas. I hope those that have been good in 2105 are treat well by Santa and those who have been naughty get a satsuma ;)
  14. Springer

    Forum Moderators/Watchers Wanted

    Guys, I would be grateful for some help in moderating SFF so I think its time I found some new volunteers to help me. Even if you visit the forum as little as three times per week your observations could be of help to SFF. The forum has reached a point where I cannot read all of the content...
  15. Springer

    Which Quad?

    After 5 weeks the ankle isn't showing much sign of improvement and In nowhere near able to get out into the fields to shoot or pick up. As things are starting to get desperate Im thinking of buying a quad bike to get me mobile. Im not looking to extract a red stag from three miles of bog, just...
  16. Springer

    Your aspirational UK salmon river?

    Im curious to know which UK river you would most like to spend a week fishing and why exactly? Is it the numbers, the scenery, the exclusivity or something else?
  17. Springer

    Fishing near Viborg, Denmark

    Guys, Can anyone give me any information about salmon/sea trout fishing in this area? I have a friend who has the option of a nice holiday home all year round.
  18. Springer

    Snap T

    I just found this picture while looking through my Photobucket account. I took it in 2012 on the Miramichi in Canada. Marty was my guide and he had never used a two-handed rod before so we stopped for lunch and I taught him the Snap T. Memories of happy days...
  19. Springer

    An abrupt end to my season

    Well, thats my season over a month early. C-Sey and I went out with the rifles this evening, the plan was an hour or two checking zeros and long range practise followed by a couple of hours lamping for foxes. A great evening was unfolding, I was shooting really well at the long range targets...
  20. Springer

    Long range rabbit.

    Im into long range shooting, rifle shooting has always fascinated me since I was a 12 yrs old boy with a BSA Meteor air rifle. Yesterday afternoon was as still as they come and a great day for stretching the legs of the rifle, a slight wind fluctuating between zero and 1mph clear sky with good...