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    Yellow Eagle

    Francis pattern away fir a swim tonight
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    Made up wee frame fir a pal
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    Teno 10

    Norwegian pattern
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    Ephemeras Blue Jay

    Size 1
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    Sunburst Ackroyd

    Used capercaillie for wings ,
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    Teal and Black

    Francis pattern
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    Yellow TD

    A quick tie for Saturday on the Tay
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    Black Boy 2/0

    First in a while , too busy tying up tubes for spring
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    Some scandis

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    Gladswood 2/0

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    Inver Green

    Size 1
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    Francis nos1,2and 3

    Tummel,Isla and Garry
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    The Plain Shannon

    Last flee for Tay project
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    The Kate

    The Kate 2/0
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    Jock Scott 2/0

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    Spey Dog