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  1. Springer

    What’s the going rate for fly casting tuition?

    £70-£100 for a 2hr lesson is very much the norm. Unfortunately its not as simple as getting what you pay for, there will be guys out there that will do a great job for you at £70 and others that all but rob you of £100. A correctly delivered 2hr lesson should not leave you feeling overloaded...
  2. Springer

    Basic Difference Between Cockers and Springers

    I remember when I started working my first cocker, I used to keep sending her back over the same ground because I felt she hadn't covered it properly at the rate of knots she seemed to move. After a while I realised that she never found anything or flushed anything when I sent her back that...
  3. Springer

    Its a dugs life

    This one thinks she's a Meerkat.
  4. Springer

    Scandi casting actual “max” distance......

    I take my distances from where Im standing to where the fly lands, thats the true distance I have cast.
  5. Springer

    Scandi casting actual “max” distance......

    Distance comes with good technique, based on what you are saying regarding the tackle I would suggest you aim for consistent 30yd casts. With the set-up you suggest you would need to manage and then shoot 8yds of running line which equates to about ten pulls on the retrieve, thats more than...
  6. Springer

    Joshua v Fury

    Fury wont stand toe to toe with AJ, he will spoil (jab and hold) in the same way he did with Klitschko, he wont be able to bully AJ like he did Beyonce Wilder. The only good thing is I doubt AJ would be as gun shy as Klitschko was so we will end up with a fight of some kind rather that the...
  7. Springer

    Wow factor!

    Sorry Pedro we seem to have hijacked your thread, apologies :giggle:
  8. Springer

    Wow factor!

    That doesnt make sense, was he pissed becasue he was on his holidays or something? I once lost nine in a row one September in the UK and then landed the next 13 in the October so there will always be the odd exception or bad luck but to lose all 24 in a row is unprecedented in my experience...
  9. Springer

    Wow factor!

    So quite possibly poorly/lightly hooked fish that the angler has fannied on with for a while until it fell off? Ive seen plenty of that in my time hence what I said about the initial reaction to the take and the first 10 seconds.
  10. Springer

    Wow factor!

    How did you know how well they were hooked if they weren't landed?
  11. Springer

    Bent handle

    Im sure there will be others along soon enough to try and convince you otherwise :oops:
  12. Springer

    Wow factor!

    Powerful rods dont have to be stiff in fact the best ones have a sensitive tip and bend progressively into the butt, qualities perfect for playing fish. IME people lose fish because of how they react to the take and what they do in the first 10 seconds after than, how a rod bends has much less...
  13. Springer

    Bent handle

    Bent handles offer nothing to improving your technique or your hand/arm positions. A conventional straight handled rod and a bit of common sense and regular practice to maintain the correct form will be of far greater long term benefit. If you cant work out how to alter the balance of hand...
  14. Springer

    Wow factor!

    Short powerful rods and shooting heads will never catch on, its just a fad :rolleyes:
  15. Springer

    Vosseler Reels

    The Century reels were made in China and had nothing whatsoever to do with Vosseler, China are the masters of cloning. I did speak to Ralf Vosselelr about making some but his lead times were too long at the time. I used these Centry reels a lot, played lots of big fish on them and they were...
  16. Springer

    Why do most people on this board think fishing is dying ,and we need an influx of youngsters?

    Children have far more interesting and instantly gratifying things to do than go fishing, it has been that way for a generation now. Its nothing more complicated than that. Parents engage with their children a lot more than ours did by taking them to all kinds of play clubs, sports teams...
  17. Springer

    Doggy Photo's

    I got her when she was fourteen months old Andy back in 2012, she was wild with no basic training and an appetite for chickens. This was her first proper driven day six months later, she's barely put a foot wrong since and still as keen as mustard!
  18. Springer

    Doggy Photo's

    Thats Maggie, Ive had her since she was born 5.5yrs ago. Here she is on the right with her mother Safi and full litter sister little Safi, all great workers as well as pets.
  19. Springer

    More Benchrest Success

    Back in April I started my first season of competitive benchrest shooting as a way of promoting my relatively new custom rifle building business. The idea was to try and prove my products against the cream of the UK benchrest shooters. Benchrest is like the Formula One of rifle shooting, its...
  20. Springer

    McGregor vs Mayweather

    Agreed. I have followed boxing since the 70s and I started watching UFC at the very beginning in 1997, I follow both sports very closely still. I like Conor but any honest and knowledgeable observer cannot deny that he has escalated himself into todays position with as much talking as...