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  1. Lgraydonflyfishing

    Simms freestone waders

    My guideline laxa 2.0 are failing badly (mostly my fault may I add) great waders at a competitive price with boots from JN, I like the look and reviews of the alta sonic Tzip's from guideline and also really like the look of the simms freestone's also. Does anyone have an experience with these...
  2. Lgraydonflyfishing

    Wading studs

    Looking for some studs to go in my simms freestone wading boots (like bamby in ice at tho moment) not wanting to spend a fortune any little gems out there lads..... Cheers in advance, lewis 👍🎣
  3. Lgraydonflyfishing

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  4. Lgraydonflyfishing

    Youre go to fly this season and how will you fish it?

    Going to cut down my fly use this season to only a few patterns. Cascade WG Flamethrower Monkeys Looking forward to some nice spates on the wear this season to get some monkey's swimming, will be fishing them fast and square-ish, hoping to trigger a strong reaction. What's you're go to...
  5. Lgraydonflyfishing

    Bomber for salmon advice

    Something im going to try this year on a single hander, only fish a small spate river (wear), thoughts on tippets and patterns/colours... I've heard the green bombers are really effective on a morning and white at last light. Was thinking 10lbs flourocarbon leader at 10ft in length cast ata...
  6. Lgraydonflyfishing

    U-turn maybe for england

    Let's bloody hope so 🙏
  7. Lgraydonflyfishing

    Youtube channel

    Will be posting videos (gopro head cam footage) to YouTube this upcoming season of, salmon sea-trout and rainbow trout fisherys, nothing serious at all just clips of the fish being caught in my time on the water, all good fun. Channel is Lewis graydon fly fishing, couple of vids already up...
  8. Lgraydonflyfishing

    River wear 2021

    Happy new year all you wear anglers, hope you all have had a nice Christmas and time off work, it wount be long until we are back out chasing dreams. Come on then santa claus must of brought some of you some new tackle ?
  9. Lgraydonflyfishing

    Upstream mend

    Will a simple upstream mend cost you fish due to slowing down youre fly?
  10. Lgraydonflyfishing

    New ways..

    Anybody completely lost the will to live yet? It wount be long guys and we will be chasing them silver tourists once again, 2 new things I'm going to try this upcoming salmon season...1, to try and catch a salmon on a drifted bomber. 2, to be consistent in fishing my flies faster, I feel I'm...
  11. Lgraydonflyfishing

    Season highs and low's.

    Last day of the season on my club water tomorrow (river wear).....let's hear youre single high point and single low point from youre season: high for me definitely catching my first salmon on the fly/monster sea trout also on the fly Low: losing a big hen fish around the 18lbs mark after...
  12. Lgraydonflyfishing

    Guideline lpxe 12 8/9

    Thinking about upgrading from a guideline elevate to lpxe for next season. Has anybody used the 12ft model they seem quite hard to come by and would be perfect for my small spate river (wear)
  13. Lgraydonflyfishing

    14lbs+ river wear sea-trout

    Had this beautiful specimen from the river wear today easily 14-15+. After losing 2 salmon before this around the 10lbs mark it sure made my day. What a special river this is for sea-trout. A fellow member has had a 15lbs fish also this season. Truly blown away by the size of the sea-trout...
  14. Lgraydonflyfishing


    anybody know when the first salmon start to appear on this part of the north tyne cheers, lewis
  15. Lgraydonflyfishing

    Pollution petition
  16. Lgraydonflyfishing

    Night time single hander

    currently using a wychwood truefly sla mk1 9ft6 7wt for my night time fishing for sea-trout. Thinking of upgrading to the truefly t2 rods for next season, has anyone used this rod or have any experience with it. I do love my wychwood gear and the new rod has a totally different action ive read...
  17. Lgraydonflyfishing

    Back end salmon fly pattern

    Thoughts on most successful back end salmon fly/methods for catching some residents lads, hope you all have had a good season so far, alas no salmon yet for me (river wear) lost a couple of nice ones though....
  18. Lgraydonflyfishing

    Salmon/sea-trout net

    looking for a flip and lock out net what can be attached via D-ring to use when salmon/sea-trout fishing not wanting to pay a fortune any recommendations lads, cheers Lewis.
  19. Lgraydonflyfishing

    Small flies in high water

    just wondering peoples thoughts on using a very fast tip and using say a size 10 shirmp style fly. Is it successful or stick to the sink tip copper tubes cheers lad. I fish the river wear in North east england
  20. Lgraydonflyfishing

    Irish salmon holiday advice

    been thinking about going to Ireland for say a one week salmon fishing trip on a river, just looking for some advice on when,where and with who... Looking for a full package with accommodation close to the river in question and fish a salmon beat for a full week.... not wanting to pay silly...