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  1. nitro2012

    The River Faughan

    To Be Honest I Hadn't Even Looked But That's My Question Answered Then 👍
  2. nitro2012

    The River Faughan

    Wonder has the loughs Agency got it passed or are they just changing the rules as they please.
  3. nitro2012

    The River Faughan

    Any word on the carcass tag status with the loughs agency ? I was in a tackle shop today and they haven't even a clue yet as far as tags are concerned.
  4. nitro2012

    Yokanga Gold's

    I am used to tying Irish Shrimp's but recently I've been tying more hair winged patterns. By no means are they perfect but with plenty of practice hopefully I'll get there.
  5. nitro2012

    Wullie Gunn's And Lava Tail Shrimp's.

    Size 10 Double Wullie Gunn's And Lava Tail Shrimp's.
  6. nitro2012

    Banana flame thrower dressing.

    Not my flie i just used photo to give people a idea of what the flie looks like.
  7. nitro2012

    Banana flame thrower dressing.

    I don't think your dressing is far from the dressing on that particular flie.
  8. nitro2012

    Banana flame thrower dressing.

    Thanks for that appreciated 👍
  9. nitro2012

    Banana flame thrower dressing.

    Folks would anyone know the dressing for this flie cheers
  10. nitro2012

    The Drowes Produces A Whopper.

    The Likes Of The Faughan See's A Excellent Stock Of Seatrout Each Season Although I Haven't Fished The River In A Few Years So That May Have Changed. You Are Right Some Rivers Get Next To No Seatrout Returns Each Year And Are Nearly Void Of Trout Now.
  11. nitro2012

    The Drowes Produces A Whopper.

    I Think On Most Of The Game C&R River's Here Your Aloud To Take Trout So That Isn't So Bad For Folk That Enjoy Eating There Catch.
  12. nitro2012

    The Drowes Produces A Whopper.

    25lb Fish From The Drowes Today And What A Fish.
  13. nitro2012

    1947 Book By E.C. Heaney.

    looking for £500 please pm if interested this is a Excellent collecters item.
  14. nitro2012

    Barrio switch line.SOLD

    New and unused just unspooled for a inspection then respooled. £30 posted uk. Payment Via PayPal f&f
  15. nitro2012


    Dickies xxl wax and padded camouflage jacket never been used no rips or holes Excellent jacket for winter fishing or hunting. £50 posted. Paypal please.
  16. nitro2012

    Tyson vs Jones

    Not so sure if Tyson can stick to the excibition boxing he will maybe look to take jones out fast.
  17. nitro2012

    Tyson vs Jones

    What's your thoughts on this would it be worth paying the ppv for a exhibition bout ?
  18. nitro2012

    Just Another Bann Special..

    Just Another Bann Special..
  19. nitro2012

    What would you consider a 'good season'?

    For me it's just good to be out but it was nice to see decent runs of fish in some rivers this year.
  20. nitro2012

    Bits & Bob's.

    Some Bits And Bob's That Might Be Of Use To Someone. 70 Winter Rainbow Trout Flies And A Few Bits And Bob's For Flie Tying. £30 Payment Via PayPal. Thanks.