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  1. Elibank

    Ocean Thigh Wader Strap

    If anyone has a pair of the old Ocean thigh waders that they are discarding, I’d be grateful for the straps - I’m currently walking lopsided due the loss of one. If my measurements are correct, mine are 15” long by 1” + 5/8” wide. Happy to pay any costs incurred, I believe the originals were...
  2. Elibank

    Sidney Spencer Books

    Sidney Spencer Books: Newly from the Sea. DW VG. 1st Ed. £40 posted Salmon & Sea Trout in Wild Places DW. VG. 1st Ed. £40 posted Any questions, please PM me Phil
  3. Elibank

    Hardy Ultralite

    I'm trying to get hold of a 10' Hardy Ultralite reservoir rod, the #8 version for preference. Yes, I know it's old, but it's still good.
  4. Elibank

    Rhetorical Question

    The new forum format is rubbish - 1/3 of every page is adverts, and why, when I click onto a new section, does it take me to another advert at the bottom of the page? Nearly had enough, to be honest.
  5. Elibank

    Flat out

    Dumfries drink driver took road roller trip - BBC News Well, we've all done it, I suppose.......
  6. Elibank

    Tweed Spring Salmon Netting

    News/Editorial from TweedBeats - supporting fishing on the tweed If true, an utter disgrace
  7. Elibank

    Animal of a Rod

    For those of you who think you're man enough: welcome | | Mullock's Auctions Sale date: 8th November @ 10.30 a.m. Lot 485 Bruce and Walker Salmon Fly Rod 20' #10/12 4 piece Estimate is £100 to £200
  8. Elibank

    Partridge/Hartley Fly

    I recently heard that Partridge are to discontinue their X1BR Trebles and to replace their long-serving Waddington Shanks with a stainless steel model of the same range of sizes. I therefore decided to stock up, and spoke to several suppliers about the Size 8s that I normally use - the best of...
  9. Elibank

    Tweed Levels

    I checked both the FishTweed and Tweedbeats water levels earlier today and was surprised to find: FishTweed (at 1.00 p.m.) Norham 5" Tweedbeats (at 12.00 mid-day) Norham 3' 8" A toss-up between wellies and chesties then...
  10. Elibank

    Oracle 14 feet 3 piece

    Has anyone got a phone number for Shakespeare's Customer Service division? - I left a message on the site yesterday, followed up with a reminder this morning, and still no contact back. I need to replace the butt section of an Oracle 14 feet, 3-Piece, which was...
  11. Elibank

    New book - old fishings

    Just bought an antiquarian book - it's my other vice - thought you may be interested. Title: 1929 Scottish Register. Under the heading of "Salmon Fishings on Tweed". "Excellent stretch about 21/2 miles on both banks of the river yielding excellent sport. Good hotels convenient. Rent from...
  12. Elibank

    New Boy

    Hello one and all, Just discovered the forum - brilliant idea. I'm based in Derbyshire, and my wife and I fish the Upper Tweed every Autumn (she mullered me 3-0 last year!). Other fishing interests include antiquarian books, with Scottish Borders fishing being favourite subject - i.e. Younger...