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  1. Nath

    Hardy Demon 12ft 7wt double hander

    Hi, I am after this rod please, ideally in 4 pc although it did come in 3 piece also. This is the original demon, none sintex. I broke mine on the last day of the season last year and hardy have no spare sections 😢 gutted Thanks
  2. Nath

    Simms G4 Wading Jacket (SOLD)

    Size small G4 pro Simms wading jacket. Although this is small it is more like a medium. I am 37 inch chest and it fits me perfect. Great condition, no rips or tears. All the zips and zingers work as they should. I have just treated it to some nikwax so it’s good to go. Only signs of light...
  3. Nath

    Hardy Demon or Jet

    Hi, Still after 10ft 7 or 8wt single handed demon, but would consider a jet also. Thanks Nathan
  4. Nath

    Simms G4 Wading Jacket (reduced)

    Hi, Size small G4 pro Simms wading jacket. Great condition, no rips or tears. All the zips and zingers work as they should. I have just treated it to some nikwax so it’s good to go. Only signs of light wear are on the sleeves, but it really is minor. Any questions please ask. Looking for...
  5. Nath

    Loop Multi 5/6 Reduced (SOLD)

    Hi, Not using this reel at all, lovely little reel but as I say just not go the use. Unfortunately I lost the bloody cloth case and box in a house move, so I have it stored in a Orivis case which it will come in. There is some very very minor gravel rash but it really is minor. Looking for...
  6. Nath

    Hardy Demon

    Looking for 10ft 7wt, but let me know what other sizes you have please.
  7. Nath

    Florida December 2021

    Hi. Hopefully me and my whole family are off to Florida for my mums 70th birthday in December (Covid permitting, but it’s all booked). A week in the parks with the kids then we are off for a beach week on the gulf coast, at Fort Myers. Now I have been to Florida a fair few times and fished...
  8. Nath

    Galeforce Line

    Hi, After a integrated shooting head or switch/short Spey line. Either 8 or 9wt in the shooting head or 8/9 in the switch please. Let me know what you have please. Thanks
  9. Nath

    Rio switch chucker 7wt

    Hi After a switch chucker 7wt, please let me know what you have. Thanks
  10. Nath

    Rio single handed Spey line

    Hi, So I have been recommended this line for my 7wt loop st 7wt 10ft. It comes in a full floater and 3D line, which has a section of hover and intermediate on the end . My question is would the 3D be good to use for normal summer conditions? when I might put the double hander down and it’s...
  11. Nath

    Hardy Swift Mk11 1025 SOLD

    Hi, I don’t use this reel any more, however I did for 5 years and it was great reel. I bought it second hand from another member on here and although it had some gravel rash when I bought it, it has always performed great, with no issues what so ever. I am going to price it at £150 posted ...
  12. Nath

    Hardy Swift Mk11 14ft 9wt REDUCED

    For sale Hardy Swift Mk II 14ft #9 rod. Very Good condition, one or two minor marks (see photos) Includes: Original Rod Sock and Tube Price: £220 including p&p Any questions please let me know. Thanks
  13. Nath

    Loop reel bag

    Somehow lost my reel cloth bag for my Multi reel, does anyone have one lying around or have a spare pouch please? Very unlikely I know, but thought I would ask Thanks
  14. Nath

    Cross ST 9’8” 7wt

    Hi, Just about to get one of these, any thoughts and what lines people would recommend please or anything other that comes to mind. Was recommend a loop opti flex, but would like peoples opinions first please. Thanks
  15. Nath

    Hardy Zane Reel

    Hi, Interested in a Zane reel NO1 or 2. Please pm if you can help. Thanks a lot Nathan
  16. Nath

    Loop Opti speedrunner or runner

    Looking for an Opti speedrunner or runner reel please
  17. Nath

    Hardy Reel

    Hi, I am after a Gold Sovereign 8/9 please. I am also interested in a perfect 7/8 and Sirrus No2 if anyone has any of these. Ideally mint or very good condition please. Thanks
  18. Nath

    River Tyne 2021

    Well I can’t see at 2021 chat, so thought I would kick it off. Happy new year lads and lasses, all the best and tight lines for 2021!
  19. Nath


    Hi, I have been after a nice classic hardy reel to go with my 11ft 6 7wt swift and had set my heart on a gold sovereign, but i am looking at £350-400 for a good one. So started looked about and also like the sirrus all water. Any opinions on these? Also the angel? Do the above two all have a...
  20. Nath

    Loop Cross s1 13ft 8wt

    As above, please let me know what you have. Thank you