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    My Recovery (Update)

    walking not too good but i am back driving a gain in an automatic
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    just back from scotland

    just back from playing a gig up in glencoe with family and friends we had a blast but the migies were a problem wit a guy with only one hand no news from the nore but there is a small run of small fish 4 to 6 lbs but water is very low
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    good fish on the nore

    just got news of a 25lbs fish caught in thomastown on the nore no photos yet river in good condition
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    the river nore

    one or two fish coming to the fly now just got the news today water level is perfect for fly dont catch them all i will be down fishing this season:cool:
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    got down to look at my river the other day

    managed to get down to the nore did not fish as i am walking with a stick the crutch is gone the river looked very fishy nice hight for the fly sorry i have no news on any fish yet but watch this space heading out to the river again to day in my power wheel chair talk soon jim
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    z spey 11 switch rod any condition

    to help me get back to fishing i am looking for a zspey switch rod the shape of the handle will allow my weak left hand to get a grip as my other switch rod my hand slips off these rods are rare as i am trying to buy one in ireland
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    My self built 15' CTS rod

    I will swap it for a 11' Zpey switch rod.
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    back home

    at long last i am back home with a pin in my hip spent the last 3 weeks in hospital down in waterford
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    galway expo

    who's going to galway ?
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    My Recovery (Update)

    My recovery is slow, I can lift my arm 6 inches but no movement in my hand yet. Today I managed to walk 250m on rough ground. I'm still swimming every week and I hope to get fishing soon. Music wise i'm still playing with my band, I got plenty of photographs but I lost the password to my...
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    game fair

    thinking of going to the game fair this year, what is it like for me walking around as i am now walking with out a stick ?will there be places for me to rest?
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    No longer used, give it away

    Over the last few weeks I have given away old tackle that I can no longer use due to my stroke and I am sure we all have piles of old tackle gathering dust in our sheds. I just thought it would be a good idea to set up a page on the forum. This way it would help young people and new people to...
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    bucktail bob empty your in box

    your in boxs is full
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    rio grand spey line size 10 in good condition

    i have a rio grand spey line size 10 i dont use any more will swap for a 7/8 switchline
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    True Friends

    I have hundreds of friends on facebook but i have some real special friends here on the forum. Last week i asked a question about a switchrod and Pete on the forum sent me one and Rene said he would loan my one untill my hand came back. He said he would mail it to me with a surprise. It arrived...
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    hi i am looking for help again ,i am looking for easy simple easy to tie knot with one hand to attach a fly to a leader, tying with one hand. I used to use the turl knot but cant manage it with one hand.
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    switch rod

    i am looking for a cheap switch rod 7 wt or 11ft trout rod will swap 15ft hardy
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    stroke update

    its now over 2 years since my stroke and i am now walking outside without the aid of a stick. I am gigging reguarly with the band. My physio and swimming are going well too. Happy Xmas and tight lines to all the members!
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    Alive and Kicking

    Hello to everyone on the forum, it's now been two years since my stroke. My recovery is slow but sure. My left arm is still paralyzed but i'm walking around the house without a stick. I hope to be back fishing in the spring time.
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    just checked my fly box an sone thing has got in and left me a load of dust and hooks:mad: