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  1. wetwader

    Disappointing: G3 boot new model

    After many years of best experiences with some pairs of the Simms G3 leather wading boots I tried the new synthetic model. I know it’s a lot of money, but wearing my old army clothes and old jogging shoes for fishing in my younger years, I don’t save money on shoes for safety and safe wading or...
  2. wetwader

    Seatrouts and more effects of sealice

    Very sad feeling I have to admit, when I think back to the years of good seatrout fishing, still away from some of the “big salmon circus”..... The sealice problematic and all other negative influences are well known. But also frustrating new effects caused by growing amounts of sealice for the...
  3. wetwader

    Pretty Little Things ?

    I became used to adds on the SFF site meanwhile and don’t want to complain about it in general. But it’s new again now when I go in, having adds in the posts directly. “Pretty Little Things” add popping up in the threads when I go in, located directly in the posts. I clicked on it “what’s that”...
  4. wetwader

    LeCie 13’7 -9/10- wanted

    Hello dear members ! Is anybody out there, who wants to part from his big weapon, Guideline LeCie 13’7 -9/10- (4-piece)? Only in good condition? Thank you in advance and good evening !
  5. wetwader

    Life jackets

    Hi all together, I am on the search for a small and easy wearing life jacket. Already have one for any circumstances in boats sport, but it’s way too heavy and uncomfortable for river fishing and speycasting. After some research I bought a Restube, a compact floatable help to wear around the...
  6. wetwader

    Loomis NRX 12´ 5/6 or other light short spey

    Hi all together, I am looking for a new short spey rod around 12´, casting 22-24 gramm heads, f. e. Rio SSVT and Rage, also former Vision ACE 6/7- 23 gramm. The main usage would be nightfishing for seatrouts and Grilse, also smaller salmons up to 5 kg in small to medium rivers or from the coast...
  7. wetwader

    LeCie 14’8 9/10 spare parts

    Hi everybody! I am on the search for spare parts for the above rod, 4piece, second edition with black Fuji guide rings. I would also take a whole rod, if in new or good condition. Please feel free to offer your thoughts for the price. Thank you in advance! Roland
  8. wetwader

    Guideline LeCie 14’8 9/10 3-piece for a 4-piece

    Hello LeCie 3-piece fans, I would swap this 3-piece rod for a 4-piece. It is very sparely used and in very good condition. No hits, no scratches. The cork is exceptional good quality for a Guideline rod. Indeed the best I ever got on a GL rod. I did some work on the ferrules for a better fit and...
  9. wetwader

    Why is Loomis out of game in Europe?

    Why is Loomis presence in Doublehanders nearly gone in Europe? Why does it take four months for a dealer to get a rod I will try? 20 years ago Loomis was on top in Europe. I saw a lot of Loomis rods on the riverside and I got the impression I had to feel poor with another rod I could afford. Of...
  10. wetwader

    Administrator help needed - Reply to thread is gone twice

    Hello to the Administrators ! I didn’t know where to place my question. So I am here for a stupid technical question... When writing a reply and want to submit it, I was asked to log in again, although I was already logged in. Okay: log in again - and my reply is gone! Where is it and what have...
  11. wetwader

    Finally first post with self introduction

    Hello to all of you from Bavaria ! First of all: It’s a shame for myself. I am a longtime passive consumer of this beautiful forum. I was already reading for some years now and took really a lot out of this forum for my Spey casting and fishing. Lot of good threads, informations and discussions...