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  1. gwelsher

    S&TC report on the EA

    A report on 25 years of inaction.
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    More Dyeing

    Same recipe as before but this time using Silver Creek Orange dye. The Oxalic certainly gives a much better and even colour.
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    Dyeing today

    I have just been playing with the dye pot using Oxalic acid. Feathers have never been a problem but as you know other stuff can be. I found it impossible to get the guard hairs of Fox to take the colour well, so did a lot of pro suppliers by the look of stuff I have seen. I tried Citric but...
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    The madness continues

    I have got used to seeing the ridiculous £150 Jungle Cock cape now but clicking through Ebay I came across this. £110.99 for an ordinary cock cape dyed golden olive. I think I have seen it all now :eek::eek::eek: The fly tying world is going even more bonkers than it was. Is the reason for the...
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    Fishing in England to start
  6. gwelsher


    Just tied up some flies for a mate for early season on the Wye (the hooks will be de-barbed)
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    Kola Gunn?

    Saw a picture of this on FB and liked the look of it. This is my dressing Thread - Black Tag and Rib - Gold Wire Body - Holo Gold Hackle - Orange Squirrel Wing - Yellow Squirrel, Gold Angel Hair, Black Fox Eyes - Jungle Cock
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    JC Again

    Just seen some capes on FB for the now normal eye watering prices. One has a big hole in the most usable size area and it is still £140 o_O o_O o_O
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    Anvil Atlas vice

    Good deal for £80. Only needs a tidy up. Seller is nothing to do with me I just thought somebody here might be interested.
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    I'm looking for some advice from the experts. I usually use Veniard Dyes but decided to try Jaquard Acid dye. I bought some Jacquard Acid dyes and Citric acid and tried dyeing some cock grizzle feathers, wool and Fox and was not impressed. I was dyeing Cock Grizzle hackle feathers, White wool...
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    First fly I've tied in absolutely ages but a mate asked me to do some for him. Normally a Sea Trout fly this is also very good on fresh fish and grilse. Hook: Patriot Silver Thread: Black Body: Medium silver holographic tinsel Rib: Silver wire Body hackle: White cock hackle, palmered Wing...
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    Partridge Hooks

    Having a good sort out of my hooks and these are spare Intruder Code Z4 Size 6 Super sharp beaked point, extra strong forged offset bend with an up-eye. Excellent for a variety of species and techniques. Ideal for Salmon and Steelhead Intruder patterns. Black Nickel Finish / Up-Eye. 4 packs of...
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    Another Trophy

    I've just been awarded a Seriously Likeable trophy. What a load of B****s I've spent my whole life trying to be grumpy.
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    Faughan Flame

    Ok who's going to be 1st to have a go at this one featured in T&S o_O
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    Stop Toxic Salmon Farm Chemicals Polluting Scottish Lochs

    Worth signing this
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    Silver Stoat (V2)

    One for Hemmy :nod:
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    Silver Stoat (V)

    Having a play with this killer fly.
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    Perch/Pike Fly

    I tied this one for a friend. Designed to fish with the hook point up so you can twitch it through weeds. Total length 13cm Shank - 25mm S.Steel Hook - #2 Partridge Z4 Tail - Green cock hackle wound Keel Underbody - Lead strip Body - Green Braid Bottom Wing - Holo MultiSilver Sparkle Hair...
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    Lockdown Guidance for police

    This bit is interesting Exercise guidelines On exercise, the guidance lists driving to the countryside for a walk as "reasonable" if "far more time" is spent walking than driving. But it adds that driving for a "prolonged period with only brief exercise" is not reasonable. That would appear...
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    Iain Baine Special

    Iain Bain Special I was intrigued by Lamsons comments about the original dressing in an earlier post by Wormo. I am always interested in the history of a fly. After a bit of searching I found a video on YouTube by Iain SB tying this fly. Is he the creator maybe? Tying an Iain Bain Special -...