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  1. arrowloopboy

    New Simms

    Time for new waders , looking at Simms G4s or G4Z , anyone with the Zs , does the zip eventually leak ?
  2. arrowloopboy

    Hardy Zane no 1 wanted .

    Anyone a no1 zane gathering dust ?
  3. arrowloopboy

    Size 14 doubles

    Recommendations please , as I’m going to smelt all the size 15 Salars I own for scrap ! Heavy iron preferably .
  4. arrowloopboy

    Which Switch ?

    Guys ,buying my first switch rod ,to use as a mini Spey rod ,I tried a friends Guideline Laxa outfit last week ,lovely but a little on the soft side ,was recommended the LPXE V3 ,by my local tackle dealer ,any of ye fish that rod. Anything else I should consider ? Andy
  5. arrowloopboy

    Where to stay Deeside (Banchory area)

    Just about to book 4 days around Banchory ,first week of April . Recommend me some lodgings ,decent bar/grub a must :) Cheers, Andy
  6. arrowloopboy

    3 or 4 days in early April

    Where to lads ,what are the best beats for that time of the year ,no budget in mind . Cheers Andy
  7. arrowloopboy

    3 or 4 days in Scotland in April ....Where ?

    Right lads ,if ye had 3 or 4 days to find some good spring fishing in April ,where would ye head ,i'm totally open ,budget is healthy , as I was meant to be going to the Gaula ,but left it too late to get a decent week . The Dee obviously ''springs'' to mind ,but catch rates seem to suggest that...
  8. arrowloopboy

    C&R Mortality rates

    Morning men, just wondering if any of ye know of any studies undertaken on the mortality rate of C&R Salmon , Cheers, Andy .
  9. arrowloopboy

    C&R mortality stats

    Hi Guys , just wondering if any of ye know of any studies undertaken on C&R mortality rates for the Dee ,or any other Scottish/English rivers, Thanks, Andy
  10. arrowloopboy

    Rio connect core running line , views ?

    Afternoon all, in the market for a new running line ( that won't tangle much ), and was thinking about this Rio , anyone use it, and if so , how would ye rate it. Is it worth the €60 odd ? Where I'm buying it (clonanav) also has the blue guideline one , thoughts please ,cheers Arrow.
  11. arrowloopboy

    RESULT Willie Gunn FnS

    Ain't it just dandy when a plan comes together , 13lbs a chrome
  12. arrowloopboy

    Willie Gunn FnS

    Slow Monday;)
  13. arrowloopboy

    Seaguar Red Label

    Bought a spool of this yesterday,as the shop I was in didn't have my usuall blue ace hard that I use. Has anyone used this red label and if so ,what did ye think of it.
  14. arrowloopboy

    New Jungle Cock Cape

    Well lads,in the market for a new Jungle Cock cape,as the bugs ate my last one,any reccomendations ,it will be used exclusively for Salmon flys.
  15. arrowloopboy

    Monkey V Franc n Snelda

    I'm a massive fan of various versions of the Dee monkey for spring fish,i've recently tied a good few black and yellow FNSs ,taking a fish after half a dozen casts on opening day,which I was thrilled with . Here's the question ,can the FnS be as attractive as a Monkey giving that one is made...
  16. arrowloopboy

    Poor service,Hardy lifetime warranty :(

    I called Hardy last week ,as I have a 15ft Gem Mk1 with a snapped butt section ,I was led to believe when dishing out top dollar for this rod,that if it broke,it would be fixed for a nominal fee . So happens it can't be fixed ,a new butt section can't be supplied,so the only thing they offered...
  17. arrowloopboy

    Frans n Snelda (first attempt)

    Franc n Snelda (first attempt) This'll work ! I think ....:D
  18. arrowloopboy

    1000 pound rods.

    Is their still a big enough market out their lads for a reasonable size production run of rods of this price . I mainly fish a 14ft Loomis glx stinger ,which I bought in Nashville for $600 ,it was 1k here at the time ,this rod can now be had for 300 quid on ebay. Here's the question ,are these...
  19. arrowloopboy

    Big Boy

    Here's my finest sika/hybread to date, which I took just before the rut in Wicklow, I doubt I'll ever better this one .
  20. arrowloopboy

    Summer level project !

    With the Slaney down to her bones and 20 odd degrees most days ,I've tuned out of Salmon,and started to focus on some salty silver ,in the form of Bass. As I like tying Salmon flys,i said i'd have a go at making my own Bass lures,i started with a feed shallow 120 ,and have to say,i'm chuffed...