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    RIO AFS Shooting Head Reduced

    AS above, Rio AFS shooting head floating 10/11 640gr. Perfect condition, no cracks or nicks. Price drop, now £20. Factory loop on leader end, reformed loop on reel end. £25 delivered UK.
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    Worst injury fishing?

    Not so much a fishing related injury but there were a few fishermen involved in this one. Picture the scene. The 3rd of January 1980. A group of us were, every year granted by the Forestry Commission a days capercaillie shooting on Drummond Hill which lies just on the north side of Kenmore where...
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    A Red Letter Day.

    Nice work, not many people manage a double in the spring nowadays.
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    Scottish politics

    That is very interesting , so I suppose he would at one time own the Laxford as well. That being the case, it would be good to know when it changed hands to be come part of the Westminster estate.
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    Scottish politics

    Close, but I don't think the Duke of Sutherland ever owned the Dionard.
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    I maybe did not make it clear enough that we had not just "rocked up" as you put it. We were fishing the same beat on the same day, maybe he was a bit miffed that we had caught more than him and our flies were not secret. We also did not open up his fly box, it was already lying open. I am not...
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    I met him at Dess on the Dee many years ago. While I was speaking to him, my mate picked up his fly box which he had left open on the picnic table to have a look at his flies. When he turned round and saw this he went ballistic shouting that these were secret flies and nobody was allowed to see...
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    Scottish politics

    Well they will struggle with that. Every time I go fishing the rivers are on their bare bones.
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    Scottish politics

    So it's not all bad then. It is a well known fact that you can have scientists or you can have salmon but you can't have both . Perfect example, the River Tay.
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    Scottish politics

    I wondered when someone would bring that up. Seems to be fairly common knowledge still, live and let redact.
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    Basic Difference Between Cockers and Springers

    Yes, tongue was firmly in cheek.
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    Basic Difference Between Cockers and Springers

    Good one Tom. Similar to the difference between a spaniel and a labrador. Labs are born half trained and spaniels die half trained. There will be a place for you on our shoot next season to work that super little dog if you want.
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    Its a dugs life

    Well done, great result.
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    Its a dugs life

    You are almost in the right place there Gordon but slightly further down and round the corner is better.
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    River Tay beat map

    The maps produced by Nigel Houldsworth are by far the best. Here is a pic of his Thurso map as an example.
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    Thought for the day.

    Or Spike Milligans one "I told you I was ill"
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    Venison Pies

    A quick heads up for a great deal which benefits the Gamekeepers Welfare Trust. These are only available for collection at Scotts the butchers three branches in Dundee but they travel well. My mate and I bought £50 worth yesterday between us and they are delicious.
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    Kola 2021?

    Never mind, it's not all bad news. The travel ban works both ways and it means there is availability on Scottish rivers that would normally be full of Scandi's and Americans.
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    Top 10 rivers in Scotland

    I am definitely NOT getting involved in this. Far too many variables.
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    Stick dressers

    If you message Keirstream he may send you a photograph of a really nice one he got someone to make for him recently. It uses a big piece of red deer antler which I gave him. The same guy might make one for you.