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  1. billy fish

    Goo sander or merganser ?

    These were on our river yesterday. As far as I know they are an invasive species as we never used to have them . If they can be called an invasive species ,which authority should be notified .
  2. billy fish

    Another small double

    Dunkeld sort of colours . Head could have been smaller but couldn’t find my spool of red sheer.
  3. billy fish

    Crathie ?

    I think this is close to the fly designed by Tom Saville .
  4. billy fish

    Another boring double

    Sorry to be a bore but as I’m in the double mood I’ll post them in the absence of any other flys . Everyone must be fishing . I like purple in a fly.
  5. billy fish

    Small double

    A hint of purple in this one.
  6. billy fish

    A few doubles

    Just a bit of tinkering last evening.
  7. billy fish

    Hair wing blue charm ?

    with a lighter blue as advised.
  8. billy fish

    First Sand Martin’s

    Walking our local river Otter I had a real mixture of bird sightings. First off was a Merganser working the tail of a pool . They are not indigenous but appeared a couple of years ago . Then when watching a favourite pool for signs of rising trout a cormorant popped up . Feeling really p....d...
  9. billy fish


    I think this Warren Duncan fly from the Miramichi is worth a try over here .
  10. billy fish

    Two small hair wings

  11. billy fish

    Hair wing mallard and claret?

  12. billy fish

    Blue charm double

    First feather wing for a long while.
  13. billy fish

    Hair wing blue charm

    Tied on an Ahrex Progressive Double .
  14. billy fish

    A couple of crathies

    First go at these . Hopefully to be used on the Dee in June.
  15. billy fish

    Teal blue and silver.

    Inspired by JS and his feather winding this is my favourite version of an old classic. Probably more a sea trout fly but likely to catch a salmon.
  16. billy fish

    Wilkinson group shot.

    Two on copper and two on aluminium. I need to work on the heads to make them a more consistent shape.
  17. billy fish

    Simple black and silver tube.

    One for salmon or sea trout.
  18. billy fish

    Some for the sea trout season

  19. billy fish

    Black and yellow tube

    Chartreuse holo body and black squirrel over wing . Tied for next spring?
  20. billy fish

    Willie Gunn single