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  1. Petekd

    Hardy Jet Sintrix switch

    Picked up an unused 10’6 4/5 weight on a whim from a classifieds site in winter for a couple of hundred euro. It came with a matching Barrio switch line. Hadn’t really much of an idea as to what it would be like but took a punt on it as couldn’t go wrong at the price. Well, to say I was...
  2. Petekd

    My young lads tale so far...

    My young lad Liam, 12, finished primary school in a week or two, they were asked to submit a sporting video as their end of year project, here is what he came up with. Rough and ready as knocked together on an iPhone but some cracking memories in there already for one so young...
  3. Petekd

    Hardy Marquis Salmon No. 3 LWT

    As new, bought online on a whim and not what I required. I had this in mind for chasing massive Baltic’s but foolishly didn’t realise it had the click pawl drag as opposed to disc. Reel has been on a rod once and will come loaded up with backing (that’s an hour saved...!). Boxed, with...
  4. Petekd

    Looping level T material.

    How do lads. I’ve got some 30 feet lengths of heavy T material on the way that I want for a trip to Sweden in June. I’ve only ever used the factory looped sink tips before so not a clue as to the best way to put a loop in these. I’ve looked at some of the welding vids and the like but am...
  5. Petekd

    Hooking up..

    Yep, I know it’s a perennial problem but has anyone else had issues this year converting hook ups to fish hitting the net? I have hooked into 19 since the end of June landing 2. Usual average is land one for every 2 fish met, that includes everything from the customary handshake with a foot of...
  6. Petekd

    Sticking soles?

    The felt soles have become detached from my Vision Hopper, stitching is shot. (4 months old, another failure of the overpriced **** that abounds in this sport!). Tried gorilla glue, no good, lasted 2 trips, any other advice or options for sticking them? Have bought replacements but they may be...
  7. Petekd

    Best treble for baltic beasties?

    Off to Sweden shortly chasing silver, whilst I’m a big fan of owner trebles in Ireland for tubes, they don’t fare too well over there, size and power of the fish is unreal. Any recommendations for alternatives please?
  8. Petekd

    Older rod query. Graphite III 7136-4

    Picked up one of these as an impulse buy for not a lot, can anyone recommend a line for this please.
  9. Petekd


    Hi folks, wondering if you can help... On holiday in Cornwall from today for 10 days (Lizard), fly rod made its way into the car as an afterthought. Is there anywhere in the deep south east worth a throw at this time of year for salmon? Happy to travel an hour or two. If anyone can point me...
  10. Petekd

    Daft Versitips question.

    Hi folks and apologies in advance if this should be in the lines forum (I'm new...!) Line stuff is driving me potty, its like a language all to itself! Question for you guys, I have an 11wt Rio Scandi Versitip setup I picked up in Sweden for a song with an intermediate section on the head. I...
  11. Petekd

    Jockfall, Sweden, August 2016

    Bit of a long waffle, I have been an avid Sea Angler for a number of years but I've not been doing much in quite some time for a variety of reasons but the primary one being perhaps that Angling lost its appeal for me somewhere along the way and I took something of a long break from it. I spent...