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  1. mc andy

    Few Facebook pictures to share

    Thought these 2 pictures deserve to be shared, I certainly enjoyed seeing them. First one is simply perfect! Well done to both anglers
  2. mc andy

    Few pics

    Coulter fell. Tinto in the distance^
  3. mc andy

    Messing today.

    Mucking about with some different colours in my favourite style of fly.
  4. mc andy


    After seeing westie4566 getting a head start for spring it gave me the push to start myself. I really liked spectrum shrimps winning entry in totm and that's what I've attempted, certainly not in his class mind but they'll do me.
  5. mc andy

    First in a while.

    I'm sure it looks familiar to many of you :) :unsure: as I do run a few of these up :). But I'm trying to reduce the size.
  6. mc andy

    SOLD: Gaelforce esss 7/8# short switch

    Gaelforce short switch 7/8 # The line has a graze about 1m in at the front end . Line is in good condition, just wanting to be up front. I've tried my best to photograph. It will have absolutely no affect on performance. Looking for £38 posted UK mainland
  7. mc andy

    McKenzie 10/11#44 gr float head

    As above, in good condition looking for £23 posted UK mainland. Payment by PayPal
  8. mc andy

    SOLD: Salmologic 26gr f/i/2 short cut

    As title, line is in good condition, looking for £40 posted UK mainland. Payment by PayPal
  9. mc andy

    SOLD: Salmologic 26gr f/s1 head

    As title, line is in good condition, comes in original line bag. Looking for £40 posted UK mainland. Payment by PayPal
  10. mc andy

    Season end.

    Some pics of a few of the later catches on the end of the season. Cheers andy
  11. mc andy

    Few recent fish.

    Had 1 on Friday 4 hooked today, 3 landed. Best of 13lb unfortunately she didn't want her picture taken :giggle:
  12. mc andy

    Autumn colours.

    Had 1 lost 1 the last 2 mornings. Also had the line ripped out my hand with a savage take, something I never experienced before. And nice autumn colours:)
  13. mc andy

    SOLD: Hardy running line

    Hardy running line test cast looking for £20 posted. UK mainland.
  14. mc andy

    Few recent ones.

    Harder going this weather, but still a few to be had. And a nice grayling
  15. mc andy

    Hardy tapered running line 0.037 SOLD

    As above test cast only looking for £20 posted UK mainland
  16. mc andy

    Rio t20 tip 30ft new.

    Full new coil of rio t20 30ft this is the pre connect core tip. Brand new never out the pack. Looking for £20 posted PayPal mainland UK
  17. mc andy

    Airflow rage 570grain floating head SOLD

    As above test cast only. Looking for £30 posted UK mainland. Payment by PayPal Cheers andy
  18. mc andy

    Airflow rage 660grain float head

    As title looking for £30 posted line has been test cast only. UK mainland payment by PayPal. Cheers andy
  19. mc andy

    Braved the wind and rain this morning

    Managed these 2.
  20. mc andy

    3 from this morning.

    Not the best of pictures but nice wee fish all the same.