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  1. MCXFisher

    At Long Last

    It's been a long while since I last wrote an article, but here's 'At Long Last', marking my first day out after salmon since last autumn, during which I missed two salmon, caught a sea trout and wound up with a specimen coarse fish of lifetime size.
  2. MCXFisher


    Is anyone able to clarify or expand the Scottish Government's announcement this morning? Specifically, does it mean that parties of anglers from England will be able to occupy fishing lodges and come to fish in Scotland from 26th April? I am invited to fish on the Helmsdale for the week...
  3. MCXFisher

    Rio Single Handed Spey Line #7 - SOLD

    An ideal line for use with a single handed rod 9-10' on small rivers, suitable for salmon and sea trout. Integrated with full length running line. Delivers lovely roll and Spey casts, even in confined spaces. The line is in perfect condition, little used and regularly cleaned and lubricated...
  4. MCXFisher

    Vision Rulla #7 single handed reel - SOLD

    Vision Rulla 2.5/#7 reel ideal for single handed salmon and sea trout use. In perfect condition, no marks or scratches, very little used. A fully machined reel with sealed brake and extraordinary line capacity. Comes loaded with 150 yards backing. £60 or sensible offer. On sale having...
  5. MCXFisher

    Whatever Next

    The latest post on Just One Week, 'Whatever Next?', describes my revolt against the debilitating mental effects of lockdown, in the form of a little bit of fishing on the Ure, Coquet and Findhorn.
  6. MCXFisher

    Not Happened Before

    Yesterday I was fishing the Thoresby beat on the Ure in quite high and turbid water. My guest caught a very nice fat fish (his first in Yorkshire), whereas I blanked, but not without an incident that was entirely new to me. As my fly came round to the dangle I started to strip in to recast...
  7. MCXFisher


    The latest post on Just One Week - 'Frustration' - tells of hopes raised sky high by good water after months of drought and then dashed by the consequences of commercial vandalism. As usual it offers some tips for novices relevant to fishing at this time of year.
  8. MCXFisher

    I know it isn't a salmon, but.....

    First day out post lockdown on the River Rye in North Yorkshire, 5lbs 3oz, after a 10 minute battle in a confined space under the trees.
  9. MCXFisher

    Salmon Navigation

    In December 2013 on Just One Week I wrote an article on how salmon navigate in the ocean and back to spawn - 'The Annual Miracle' which suggested that its capability was based on a combination of data embedded at the cellular level and exploitation of whole earth and surface magnetic fields...
  10. MCXFisher

    Collection of Flies by Roger Woolley

    I have a collection of trout flies tied by the renowned Roger Woolley in their original paper wallets (10) inscribed in his hand that he created for my grandfather some time in the period 1930-50. They have been in my possession in dark dry storage since 1992 (and my father's before me). The...
  11. MCXFisher

    Welcome to Yorkshire - Fishing the River Ure

    I have posted a short slideshow on YouTube describing the River Ure and its main beats.
  12. MCXFisher

    Estimating the Weight of Salmon

    The latest post on Just One Week, Estimating the Weight of Salmon, looks at the methods used and offers some ideas to make the use of the Sturdy and General scales more accurate. it's certainly a subject that's raised some steam on the Forum over the years. As always the article is aimed more...
  13. MCXFisher

    7 years of Just One Week

    Just One Week celebrates its 7th birthday. What started out as a low-key mind-clearing exercise for a limited audience has grown into something else entirely, with over 100 posted chapters. Over the past 7 years it has been read by almost 25,000 people from more than 170 countries world wide...
  14. MCXFisher

    Perking up antique flies

    I have recently found at the bottom of the Great Fishing Chest 10 paper packets of trout flies tied by the renowned Roger Woolley of Derby for my grandfather, probably in the late 1940s or early 1950s. As a result of being stored for so long in their packets underneath other things they are now...
  15. MCXFisher

    MCX's Christmas Stocking 2019

    The 2019 edition of that cheerful perennial, MCX's Christmas Stocking, is available to view on Just One Week. I've published a bit earlier than normal this year to allow more time for you to drop hints to Father (or Mrs) Christmas. You may also wish to move quickly because one of the bargains...
  16. MCXFisher

    Truly Unpredictable - Looking back at the 2019 Season

    The latest article on Just One Week, Totally Unpredictable, is now published for viewing. It was indeed a most unusual season, which in early August looked like a totally dire wash-out, but turned out well in the end. Most notably I detected no shortage of fish in any of the beats I fished...
  17. MCXFisher


    The picture below, which I inherited from my grandfather, is by a 20th century American artist called Ogden Pleissner, who was best known for his work in World War 2 and subsequently of fishing and hunting in the USA and Canada. This picture is unusual in that it is set in Scotland. I am keen...
  18. MCXFisher

    The Ultimate Wading Jacket?

    Spotted in Milan
  19. MCXFisher

    Vision XO 13' 6" #8 - User Review

    In late August I took a Vision XO 13' 6" to the Conon for a week on an extended user test. You will find my report here on Just One Week. As usual I stress the point that I have no financial or other connection with Vision, nor do I receive any financial inducements from them. Just One Week...
  20. MCXFisher

    River Ure - Thoresby beat - anyone like to fish tomorrow, Thursday 12th September?

    I have 2 rods on Thoresby tomorrow which I am not going to use. The water's low at the moment - MSL +3" - but if anyone would like a free day's fishing please respond to this thread ASP. Although the water is low there are fish in the pools.