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  1. The flying Scotsman

    Rain glorious rain

    My nightly rain dance finally paid off :D Never in my life have I been so happy to get soaked through at work. Bloody horrible day. Yeeha. I don't know if it will be enough to give our rivers the well needed lift they need but got my apprentice primed for me disappearing up the hills at...
  2. The flying Scotsman

    Worst injury fishing?

    I'm dam good at hurting myself, always have been. Broken a lot of bones, had many ops so it will be no surprise that I've hurt myself at the fishing before a good few times. What's the worst injury you've received whilst fishing? I'm sure there will be a good few stories of hooks implanted in...
  3. The flying Scotsman

    New killer fly

    Guaranteed to catch :ROFLMAO:
  4. The flying Scotsman

    Taking a dook

    Everyone on here probably without exception will have taken a dook at some point over the years. What's the worst dook you have taken? Mines was yesterday. I was wading around this tree with quite a fast flow around it, I was holding onto a branch to keep me in the higher shallower part of the...
  5. The flying Scotsman

    Integrated 600grain line recommendations

    I'm after a 600 grain or there about integrated line. I fish rage shooting heads mainly and really like them but am fishing a new beat which isn't very wide but needs a heavier set up because of the sink tips and big heavy flies required. I'm enjoying using my 12'9 9/10 on this beat but it lacks...
  6. The flying Scotsman

    Dangerous pink snapper

    Don't know how long this will stay up.
  7. The flying Scotsman

    Custom spinning rod

    I've built this for my pal who is a master with the spinning rod. He gave me the specs for all my spinning blanks. This will be his baby. I know for a fact this rod will land a load of salmon. I've used black thunder cactus for the handles.
  8. The flying Scotsman

    Ineffective wading boots

    I'm not sure these wading boots advertised on here are going to be any good. Struggling to find them in a size 11 too.
  9. The flying Scotsman

    My own designed spinning rod

    This is the first spinning rod I've made. It's a 10'6 15-40g. This is my rod. So I don't mind having a flashy coloured blank on a spinning rod. Its the same colour as my car. I've used a mixture of burnt and nightfall cork for the bottom handle and a full burnt top handle with blue rubberised...
  10. The flying Scotsman

    Irish themed travel rod

    This is a wee 10ft 7weight but it's a 7 piece so basically can fit up your sleeve. I put a screw butt cap on it that can be removed and I can fit the wee fighting butt to it. I'm waiting on 4" butt posts arriving and will make up a matching one for this rod so I can turn it from a 10ft single...
  11. The flying Scotsman

    Loop cross s1 14ft blank for sale
  12. The flying Scotsman

    23ft sea creature washed up in wales

    Wonder what this is? Says no a whale and its a fish.
  13. The flying Scotsman

    Tight lines or not ?

    Do you use the phrase "tight lines" to wish fellow anglers luck? Or do you think it has the opposite of the desired effect? Do you cringe when someone says it to you? I believe some think it's a curse. What's your thoughts? Should we use it? or are we best just wishing each other good luck?
  14. The flying Scotsman

    Travel restrictions sorted

  15. The flying Scotsman

    And you thought you were having a bad day

    Poor chap
  16. The flying Scotsman

    Poor start for Tay

    How many fish have come off the Tay now? Not many. Real disappointing so far. I appreciate the weather's been crap but It's surely getting hammered by the locals? Must just be cause I've no been let at :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
  17. The flying Scotsman

    Tay highest since 2015

    Newtyle beat 😲
  18. The flying Scotsman

    Importing from EU

    I just spent all of last night preparing an order of rod building guides and reel seats from a place in the Netherlands I use for Alps reel seats. Took me hours picking all the different guide sizes for the spinning rods I'm building. Finally got to checkout made sure I was logged in, all my...
  19. The flying Scotsman

    Lockdown and poachers

    Read this in my local paper. 53 incidents of poaching on the Dee last year 😲 And that's just the ones being caught. Some of the poachers had driven all the way from Glasgow during last lockdown just to poach the Dee.
  20. The flying Scotsman

    Boxing and the mob

    Anybody watch panarama last week? That was some mental stuff going on. I believe the producer of panarama has had credible death threats after it and is now in hiding. I'm just waiting for something bad to happen to poor Barry mcguigen. He's the only one who had the balls (was stupid enough) to...