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  1. crispin


    Did I miss much while I was in exile? :LOL:
  2. crispin

    Pre-brekkie 21 pounder

    Finally the Orkla shows real signs of starting to drop, mid-way through the season! We're now seeing a few more fish and have landed four over the past two days. I caught and released this fresh 21 pounder at 06.30 this morning when I nipped out for a few casts before breakfast. The fish...
  3. crispin


    A big thanks to Stuart Longhurst (Balticflyfisher) for the invaluable advice and unbelievably prompt service he gave me over the past few days. After recommending a couple of heads for my 13ft Loomis GLX he was able to have them delivered to me in Dublin (usually a black hole when it comes to...
  4. crispin

    Quality of grilse

    Has anybody made any observations about the size and shape of this year's grilse. When I started fishing the Galway Weir 18 years ago the average grilse weight there was over 5lbs. Six pounders were the norm and most Summer days would produce 7lb or even 8lb grilse. Then the sizes plummeted...
  5. crispin

    This weekend

    So where are people for this weekend, what conditions are facing you and what are the realistic prospects of catching fish?
  6. crispin

    My 2012 opener

    On the last day of my current Orkla trip I caught my first 2012 fish a couple of hours ago, 9.35kg (20lb 10oz) and sealiced. Not only was it my first of the year but it was the first time I'd used a skagit, first time I'd fished a snaelda and first time I'd caught a fish in the pissing rain...
  7. crispin

    Sportfish Reading

    A reasonably inexperienced, and hitherto ill-equipped, guest turned up at the lodge on the Orkla tonight having got kitted out this week in Sportfish in Reading. After fishing here last year, his first and only other salmon fishing trip, he decided he wanted to up his game for his trip this...
  8. crispin

    Usan video

    Apologies if this has been posted here before, but I stumbled across this nice wee romantic movie about the day to day operation of Usan Salmon Fisheries. Galling to see but it's a sight that is repeated in numerous places around our shores. The music gets a bit much at times but that can...
  9. crispin

    Forty-eight pounder

    In case it has slipped under people's radars, see the Dee section of the forum for news of yesterday's capture of a 48lb, 50 inch, fish at Balmoral. Is this not the UK's largest fish for many years? Sadly there are no photos.
  10. crispin

    Tweed death

    My brother is a volunteer in the Borders Search and Rescue team. He has just told me they pulled the body of a dead fisherman from the Tweed today near Norham. The man had been fishing three miles upstream at/near Tillmouth yesterday. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.
  11. crispin

    Huge Corrib trout

    BBC News - Fisherman catches giant trout in County Galway
  12. crispin

    Norwegian licence

    Anybody heading to Norway this year to fish for salmon, sea-trout or char will need to buy a licence before you fish. It can only be done online and takes a couple of minutes. You then print it off yourself. It costs 235 NOK for the season (€31 or £25), or 375 Nok for a family one. I always...
  13. crispin

    Bargain Barbour waders

    Thanks to Le Angler who flagged up on Facebook a great deal John Norris is doing on Barbour stocking-foot triple-layer breathables...£49.99 instead of the rrp of £200. I've just ordered a pair as a back up for when I'm travelling. Barbour Endurance HD Stockingfoot Breathable Chest Waders ›...
  14. crispin

    Tennis elbow

    I suffered from tennis elbow in both arms through most of last season. It came as some surprise as had never experienced it before. Then as the season closed it all cleared up, without any treatment or medication. After only four days out fishing this season so far it seems to be back, again...
  15. crispin

    McLean weigh nets

    Can anybody steer me towards a UK dealer who carries these in stock?
  16. crispin

    Switch rod line choices

    I've just bought a Vision 10ft 11in 8wt switch rod. Can anybody recommend a few 8wt switch rod spey lines (floater) that would be a good match? I've not had or used a switch rod before.
  17. crispin

    Salar hooks

    Has anybody had any bad experiences of Salar hooks straightening? I lost a nice fish on Monday on the Galway Weir after a few minutes play. One of the hooks on the size 11 double was nearly totally straightened. For those that don't know it, the water is heavy and fast flowing on the Weir and...
  18. crispin

    Soul destroying

    It's soul destroying, for any salmon angler who fishes the Foyle system rivers, to find that the nets used by the poachers, who are strangling the life out of the once World-class system, are being advertised openly online, from an address in one of the counties that the Foyle flows through...
  19. crispin

    Huge fox shot

    BBC News - 'Largest fox killed in UK' shot on Aberdeenshire farm
  20. crispin


    Are the forum competitions going to be run again this season? The only one of the four that seems to have any legs is the TOTM. The fish, report and photo of the season competitions seem to have been moth-balled with no annual winners voted on from last year's entries. It's going to be hard...