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    Life Preserver

    I have decided to wear a life preserver. No I'll start again 🙄 My syndicate has insisted we wear a life preserver and to be fair I need to embrace this as I'm quite often seen bobbing down the beat cursing that my cigars will be fooked. What is out there that won't impede my fishing as I can do...
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    Insurance claim 🤔

    🤔 MC
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    Go Pro

    I had one of these things a few years ago and lost it wildfowling but it was a god send really because I spent too much time messing about with it however I would like to have another go and I know my Mrs would just be thrilled to live every cast on my return :unsure: What is out there singing...
  5. madcaster

    Ebay Bargains

    I see there is another bargain in the ebay section🤔 Suit someone with new boots 👍 MC
  6. madcaster

    13.6 Zenith / Zephrus

    Looking for a VGC 13.6 Zenith or Zephrus MADCASTER
  7. madcaster

    Eden 2021

    I was fortunate to have attend a job very local to the Eden today where why wouldn't you have a cast on opening day. 2 well mended seatrout and a kelt that came off. Big water dropping and a touch nippy. MADCASTER
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    It was quite a few years back I had some Kaenon glasses and I always remember they were great whilst fishing, not sure what happened to them but there would be beer involved. I've worn cheaper ones since but decided to revisit Kaenon. They came today and the clarity seems stunning. Anyone else...
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    Helmsdale Opening Today

    Big water today boys 5ft and rising stay safe MADCASTER
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    Helmsdale 2021

    Good luck to all the local lads tomorrow gutted I can't be there with a hangover doing this 🙄 MADCASTER
  11. madcaster

    Welsh Dee

    I had a nice ramble down the river today, I saw a few kelts on there way back. The Dee salmon fishing doesn't open till March and recent years a springer is caught early doors. Hoping for a good season 🙏 MADCASTER
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    That Feeling 😡

    Losing a fish is worse MADCASTER
  13. madcaster

    New Boots

    They have come ! WTF going to look like Gene Simmons👅 or Herman Munster 😳 MADCASTER 7ft 4"
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    I have been looking into a trip to the Namsen in June/July has anyone fished it? Anyone heard of the train that acts as a hotel? MADCASTER
  15. madcaster

    New Reel for next season ?

    Santa ? came early May use it opening day Helmsdale if were allowed in?
  16. madcaster

    Hardy Zenith Sintrax 12'6 - 7# salmon setup

    Hardy Zenith Sintrax totally mint Hardy Ultralite No 10 made with Skandi set-up. Sensible offers for pair MADCASTER
  17. madcaster

    Cascapedia Mk111

    Think I'd get away with a #8/9 for a 9wt Scandi setup ? I'm thinking of the size and weight not just the ££. Thanks MADCASTER
  18. madcaster

    Team Shooter

    I always find it amazing that some of the most talented shooters in the world have these fore end holds. This is a England International that will go on to bigger and better things by just a few adjustments MADCASTER
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    Day off and decided to go the cinema to watch American Sniper. Got a VIP seat and unbelievable I'm the only one here ! Must be crap. Big fat bloke comes in with a 10 gallon bucket of popcorn and chips. Where does he sit! Right in front of me ? MADCASTER
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    Bywell hotel

    I'm fishing Bywell in April for 3 days, does anyone know any good places to stay. Good beer junk food that type of thing, maybe Springer would know it's so close to him. Any room in the kennels Alan? ? MADCASTER