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  1. nickolas


    We have the Kent, uk,South African, BrazilIan,China, indian are we about to get the Scottish variant in May. ?
  2. nickolas

    Atlantic or pink

    Can anybody tell me why pink salmon are moving with all the odds against them, while the Atlantic is moving out, the same is said for the king crab of the Norwegian coast. Maybe we will be fishing for Pinks in ten years time, sadly no comparison though for the Atlantic.
  3. nickolas

    How bad is this !

    latest news from Norway salmon :- NEWSLETTER TUESDAY 30 MARCH Wild salmon on the red list The salmon is on its way to becoming a red list. This means that it is defined as endangered. It becomes all the more important to limit the taxation to the rivers we know can...
  4. nickolas

    Tube liner

    Can anybody help me where I can buy meters of 1.9mm od plastic liner for my brass tubes, the eumer liner is perfect but need more than 10cm lengths. Clear would be best but willing to go with most colours. Many thanks.
  5. nickolas

    Tappers or materials

    To those in the know I would be interested in the following. what dictates the action of a salmon fly rod. Is it the tappers of the mandrill, or the materials in the construction or both.
  6. nickolas

    Disappearing salmon

    This is an interesting read as to where some of our salmon are going, could it be smolts migrating early as has been suggested before, are able to cope with salt water. Not to sure what happened to the Deveron fish at sea.http://www.missing salmon i.e wild Atlantic salmon in hot...
  7. nickolas

    Jim Ratcliffe, buys up Iceland salmon.

    for those with deep pockets, this is the man that owns a couple of the best rivers in Iceland, i wonder why he isn’t interested in Scotland. ? Could it be that the stocking of rivers is not frowned upon as it is in the uk...
  8. nickolas

    Scottish government should take note

  9. nickolas

    Left over rubbish

    Thought I might have a go at a bit of dying jungle cock capes, sort of hot orange, concocted entirely from JC left overs.
  10. nickolas

    How to

    Hi, guys seams as thought I’ve put a comment in general and need to move to lounge, any body help me as to how this is done, either that or delete, many thanks.
  11. nickolas

    Who goes first inmates or staff

    I just heard from a very good source the folk that are behind bars for reason care of her majesty are to get the vaccine before the staff. ( I guess the home office thought this was more appropriate).
  12. nickolas

    Oldero, Norway.

    Just a thought for those of you that might be contemplating fishing lakselv in Norway, Oldero have be looking into squeezing a few more bucks out of there fishing with the offer of a weeks fishing @ £3.5k instead of £9k, the £3.5k is self catered Stangnes cabin, do ask for catch returns from the...
  13. nickolas

    Loop cross 12ft 2 6# 6piece

    Help, can any of you guys advise on a floating line that may take short tips, preferably integrated for this rod. Thanks in anticipation.
  14. nickolas

    River Tornio

    Looking for some help, having fished Lakselv for the last 9 years and had some great days but the catch's for last few years have been in a serious down ward drive. Does anybody have experience of fishing the Tornio system, if so can you put me in the right direction,1. who to contact and...
  15. nickolas

    My wife must totally adore me

    ‘Holding up a fish’ is sexiest thing ever, confirm women
  16. nickolas

    Wet fish counters

    With the supper markets doing away with maned wet fish counters, does this mean an interruption of Salmon production, is so could this be good or bad for us wild salmon fisherman. !!!
  17. nickolas

    Fishing Postponed for April,

    Just been informed that my fishing on one of the Tweed beats has cancelled for April, the estate office has been kind and offered the reservation will be kept for me next year. I hope that all the estates will follow suit or refund the dosh. Good on the Hirsel.
  18. nickolas

    Rio Line

    Has anybody out there got a Rio Scandi outbound intouch 9/10 38 gram floater 130ft please, it needs to be as new, they no longer require. Or the equivalent Gaelforce. Please PM if you have found one tucked away thats no longer required. Many thanks Nickolas
  19. nickolas

    Rio Line

    Has any body out there got a Rio Scandi intouch outbound 9-10wt 38gr 130ft floater that they no longer require, it does need to be near new or if not new please. Or equivalent Gaelforce please. Best nickolas
  20. nickolas

    Mackenzie travel rod

    Looking for a Mackenzie 13ft 7in 9/10 6piece in good condition. Pm me if you have one for sale. Best nickolas