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  1. carrowmore

    Looking for information on Sweden

    Son is now working in Stockholm and I plan to go over and visit him in August. The idea is to have a couple of days in Stockholm and then 3 or 4 days fishing. Any ideas or suggestions would be gratefully welcomed.
  2. carrowmore

    Radio 4 " Shine on You Crazy Diamond "

    The R4 series " Soul Music " is always worth a listen but today's programme " Shine on You Crazy Diamond " was outstanding radio. The story of Floyd's tribute to Syd Barrett interwoven with the tragic story of Paul Gascoine's nephew , as told by his Mother. Well worth half an hour of your time...
  3. carrowmore

    Iceland fishing

    Iceland fishing question I have never fished in Iceland before and have sent off a few emails to enquire about availability . We've been offered some fishing on the River Nordura and the River Hvolsa and Stadarholsa. A Google search hasn't turned up much information on these. Anyone out there...
  4. carrowmore

    How Wolves Change Rivers

    " The wolves changed the behaviour of the rivers " . Amazing How Wolves Change Rivers - YouTube
  5. carrowmore

    Tweet of the Day - The Tawny Owl

    As we all know one of the numerous joys of a day spent on river or lough is the birdlife. The cuckoo call from the islands on Lough Mask or the shores of Lough Beltra in Spring. The long-eared owl quartering the field one evening as I walked down to The Hodder . The Merlin hunting over the bog...
  6. carrowmore

    Charlie Gard case

    It's been a desperately sad situation for all concerned , not least of course poor Charlie's parents , but made a whole lot worse by the apparent ignorance/manipulation by commentators from the US ( Farage was quick to jump on the bandwagon too ). A fantastic children's hospital has been trashed...
  7. carrowmore

    Jon Gibb talk on the Lochy smolt release programme

    Fascinating talk by Jon Gibb. Particularly interested to hear about the successful smolt release programme on the River Vosso in Norway where they are towing the smolts out beyond the salmon cages in the estuary. Jon is considering doing the same on The Lochy IBIS AST Nov 2013 Wed 1620 -...
  8. carrowmore

    Link to Ken Whelan talk on ranching experiences at Burishoole and Delphi

    IBIS AST Nov 2013 Thu 1120 - IBIS-eu dissemination site
  9. carrowmore

    Link to Fisheries scientist talk - Stocking and Catches in England and Wales.

    Interesting talk by Kyle Young from Aberystwyth University , concludes that " the damage from stocking is not balanced by detectable fishery benefits " IBIS AST Nov 2013 Wed 1415 - IBIS-eu dissemination site
  10. carrowmore

    Advice on Day Tickets for Tyne

    I have a pal who would like to take his son for a few days salmon fishing on The Tyne in September or October this year. I'm aware that access to The Tyne is mostly in the hands of local clubs/associations but I'd be very grateful for any advice on where he might make enquiries. Please feel free...
  11. carrowmore

    Lough Ree boatman needed

    I'm planning a day or two on Lough Ree at the end of May and , never having fished it before , wondered if anyone could point me in the direction of a boatman/ghillie ? We normally do a mix of salmon/trout fishing at that time of year and fancy giving Lough Ree a try as a new venue , having...
  12. carrowmore

    Line for Hardy Demon 11 footer rated 7 ?

    Guys , I have just bought on Ebay a Hardy Demon 11ft rod rated 7 for the Spring salmon fishing on the Mayo loughs. Would anyone be able to recommend a floater/intermediate that would go well with this rod ?
  13. carrowmore

    Ghillie on Mask recommendation needed

    Our usual ghillie ( Ronan Cusack ) is away when we are on Mask early next month. Could anyone recommend another ghillie for the lough ?
  14. carrowmore

    Saltwater flyfishing Mayo/Galway ?

    I'll be over there in July this year and fancy having a go in the salt after Pollock/Mackerel ( I'd imagine not too many Sea Bass around here ? ) . Has anyone any experience of this in the Mayo/Galway region ? Don't expect you to name Marks but a few pointers would be great .
  15. carrowmore

    Favourite fishing hotels/B&B s

    What is/has been your favourite place to stay when dangling the angle ? Personal favourite would be The Newport House Hotel in Mayo , not cheap but a worth it for the whole " experience" . I like The Cressfield in Ecclefechan too. Had many a sore head in both places :)
  16. carrowmore

    Which SH with B&W Norway 15ft 9/10 ?

    Had a go with a SH set up today ( 14ft Vision Catapult 9/10 with Rio AFS 8/9) and was very impressed. I have a 15 ft B&W Norway 9/10 and would be grateful for any advice re a suitable SH line for this rod. Thanks in anticipation.
  17. carrowmore

    PIctures of Woodend

    Pictures of Woodend Fished Woodend first week of Feb. Two springers and lots of kelts between us. First experience of The Dee and hugely enjoyed the trip. Some challenging conditions as the pictures testify. Spent a while building snowmen when the grue was coming down ! .A beautiful beat...
  18. carrowmore

    Single Hander for Lough Fishing

    I'm looking to buy a new rod for my annual attempt to catch a Springer on Loughs Carrowmore and Beltra in Mayo. At least 10ft and minimum rating 7/8 . Budget up to £200.00. I'm out of touch with latest models and would appreciate any advice .
  19. carrowmore

    Woodend first week in Feb

    I am looking forward to my first experience of The Dee during the opening week on Woodend/Lower Woodend. One of our team has regaled me with tales of the huge Springer he caught on Lower Blackhall in February last year so I jumped at the chance to join the party this time. I believe this beat...
  20. carrowmore

    Lochy last week

    I was very fortunate to receive an invitation to fish The Lochy last week. It proved to be a tough week as the river was low and the grilse run has not materialised this year. However this must be one of the most beautiful rivers in the UK with pool after pool of great fly water surrounded by...