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  1. SnapT14

    A couple of Crathies

    Strange going back to tying small doubles. Found these quite tricky even though the pattern is simple enough. Both on size 12 Ahrex doubles ( which consequently a very small 12 )
  2. SnapT14

    I donk know what to call it, but here it is...

    Ever since Iain announced this months TOTM instructions ive been racking my little brain trying to come up with something along the lines of a salmon style fly but incorporating colours associated with the sea and fresh fish. I'm not entering it, but I do quite like the colour combo so thought...
  3. SnapT14

    Garry Dowg........

    One of, if not my fave hairwing pattern of all time. No bling, no frills just a fishy little number from wee double to 2" tube.......🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 ED #10 treble - Black
  4. SnapT14


    One of my favorite all time flies ..... This is my take on a Haslam with a few twists. The body is palmered with a natural badger hackle, the wing is mallard and I've left out the Macaw. This is for two reasons, 1 I don't like them and 2, I just can't make them look right.... This is tied on...
  5. SnapT14

    The Willie Gunn Shrimp

    Tied on an Ahrex tying double - #10
  6. SnapT14

    Alexandra Muddler

    A little Alexandra muddler on a size 8 trout single
  7. SnapT14

    Long tail Green Silk

    I don't know how I ended up with this but I guess its a long tailed Green Silk sorta thing. And then on top of that a mallard wing on a treble, which you don't see often....... All a bit random but hey ho...... ED #10
  8. SnapT14

    'Green Silk' ..... Blame Jockiescott 😊

    Not knowing too many of the classics I hadn't realised that yesterday's 'mallard cascade' effort had some similarities to an old Irish Classic until Jockiescott mentioned it. I looked it up and absolutely love the look of the original, moreso than the more modern shrimp version so thought I'd...
  9. SnapT14

    'Colours of Cascade and Mallard'

    I've had precious little time at the vice of late. I finished work today and thought " I'm tying a fly!".... One style of fly I'm pretty new to is feather wings so decided to go a bit freestyle with this one. I always thought a feather wing/Cascade combo would look good together so gave it a...
  10. SnapT14

    Whiting spey hackles

    Hi there Can anybody tell me where i might find some spey hackles please? I've seen some on ebay but only in America. I dont need many so am reluctant to spend 80 odd quid on a cape. Any help appreciated Thanks
  11. SnapT14

    Flaming PIG

    This is my take on a fiery brown flaming pig. Inspired by a fly posted some time ago by the legendary Jockiescott......👏 Tied on a veniard superslim bottle tube (12mm). It proved a bit tricky as there is a lot to squeeze onto such a short tube, especially with this type of fly being quite busy...
  12. SnapT14

    Experimenting with Fiery Brown

    I've been wanting what I would call a true "fiery brown" for a long time and have never been able to get one. The standard offerings tend to range from pale ginger to mix almost red. To me, it should be brown with a definite hot orange tone. So i dyed up a few strung saddle feathers myself...
  13. SnapT14

    A couple of small ones for summer

    Started what I intend to be a box of small singles for daytime Sea Trout and Grilse fishing. After tying doubles and trebles for what seems an age, going back to trout sized singles was the equivalent of learning Mandarin. These two are on size 12 wet fly trout doubles. A Butcher and a Teal...
  14. SnapT14

    Millcraig Gold

    Original version - I'm sure you've all got a fly or two that brings back memories and sticks in your mind. Well, this is one of them for me..... The Millcraig gold. Developed to stand out in the coffee stained water of the Alness. Me and ma best pal Mark Sedgwick (SEDGY) on the forum fished...
  15. SnapT14

    Korkers Canyon Wading Boots

    Size UK 11 korkers devils canyon, felt soles with studs. Comes with replacement soles. Worn on 3 occasions but are the wrong size would suite a broad foot size 10 to 11 £85 posted
  16. SnapT14

    Sage XP 10ft #7

    Would anybody be willing to do a swap with me..... My Sage XP 10ft #7 4 piece for either G Loomis GLX or another XP but in either a 5 or 6 weight? Anything between 9ft 6 and 10ft would be ideal Thanks in advance
  17. SnapT14

    A go at Andrzej 'Squirrel tail shrimp'......

    Developed the fly tying itch this evening, whilst cooking dinner of all things..... Out came the vice, capes, tails, you name it!.... all over the worktops....imagine Mrs Pursalls face when she found bits of squirrel tail among the salad 🤣. anyway, the last fly I looked at on here was Andrzej...
  18. SnapT14

    A Sunday afternoon Calvin

    Haven't had a great deal of time to tie flies lately but managed to squeeze one fly out this afternoon. Not a great day for taking photos of anything incorporating soft materials, very windy! AHREX standard double #8
  19. SnapT14

    Bartleet hooks

    Does anybody have a few Bartleet hooks they coukd sell me? I'm after some siz 8s and 6s if anyone can help Many thanks
  20. SnapT14

    Loop Lainio wading Jacket

    Does anyone have a loop Lainio wading jacket, medium they'd sell? Blue or black doesn't matter. Thanks