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    Motion activated trail camera

    Any recommendations for a good one?
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    The Duke of Roxburghe passed away a few days ago after a long battle with cancer. He was only 64. Any of you Tweed regulars know what this is going to do (if anything) to the Floors fishing?
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    I am hoping for a bit of advice about spinning rods. After years of mostly fly fishing, in my dotage I am doing a bit more spinning. And this wet summer has found me out. I have a very old Hardy Favourite spinning rod which I used to use with tobys etc and which is hard work. Then I have...
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    Just watched the flypast from my back garden. There are some benefits from living in London. The first group came straight overhead. Those old fighter planes were tiny.
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    Patagonia Ultralight Wading Boots - Sticky UK Size 12

    As above brand new, untried, unworn, still in their wrappings from Patagonia, £100 posted.
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    Agricultural pollution

    Runtime Error If political correctness changes the last word I am sure you will work it out.
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    Patagonia Ultralight Wading Boots - Sticky (UK size 12)

    These boots are brand new and unused, not even tried on. They are still in the original wrapping from Patagonia. The RRP seems to be £170-180, I am asking £100 including postage. Three things: 1. The size that shouts from the box at you is 13. That is the US size. The UK size is 12...
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    Patagonia Ultralight Wading Boots - Sticky

    Anyone else own a pair of these? The insoles are perforated and have come loose. It is clear from looking at the glue deposits underneath them that they weren't very well attached. The result is that gravel gets underneath the insoles and that works its way back up through the perforations...
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    Spinning Reel

    I use a Shimano 4000 on my 10ft spinning rod. I want a reel that holds a bit more line and feels a bit more solid. Any suggestions? I have looked at the Shimano 5000. Doesn't look very well made.
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    Rolling Luggage

    I'm fed up with being gouged by airlines for taking a second piece of luggage when fishing abroad. So I am moving to 6 piece rods and wanting to pack them in my main bag. That does though involve buying a new piece of luggage as my existing North Face bag isn't long enough. I reckon to...
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    Devon minnows

    I know there are a couple of old threads on this but things may have changed. Where do I go to buy a few decent floating Devon minnows?
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    Tibor Clutch Dogs

    I have just replaced the clutch dogs on my Tibor Gulfstream at vast expense. But I haven't thrown the old ones away. They are no use to someone who winds left handed but they are like new to someone who winds right handed. And the opposite also applies. So does anyone who winds right...
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    Einarsson Invictus 12 Reel

    Anyone have one they want to sell?
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    Hello from London

    No I don't fish the Thames before anyone asks. But I do spend 4 weeks a year in Scotland chasing salmon and a fair amount of time in Wales fishing for sewin. I have looked at this forum regularly for the last 12 months or so and found it very useful. So about time I put something back.