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  1. MCXFisher

    Getting a firearm

    Ard, They don’t eat the tree, but they’re very fond of the shoot buds which have a high sugar content.
  2. MCXFisher

    At Long Last

    Mick, I look forward to providing whatever advice I can, and if possible, to meeting you on the water (or in a pub). A tremendous amount will depend on rainfall and water levels, so I won't commit to anything at this stage.
  3. MCXFisher

    Getting a firearm

    Yes that's right. The stripping and fraying starts with the bucks shedding the velvet off their antlers and marking their territory. They have a scent gland up there so they leave smell on the sapling. At the same time they will usually scratch the ground at the base of the sapling with a...
  4. MCXFisher

    At Long Last

    John, apart from one short stretch there was too little water to be able to do much above the falls. There's a huge pool at the top of the beat, but you can only cover a part of it owing to very difficult casting caused by the presence of large willow trees with only two gaps and impossible...
  5. MCXFisher

    Getting a firearm

    On the assumption that the deer amongst your Christmas trees (and biting the leader buds off) are roe, then your best calibre choices are either .243 or 6.5mmx55 (my favourite). The process used to be fairly straightforward. - You go to the firearms dealer and identify the weapon you want...
  6. MCXFisher

    Wading Jacket Advice

    I have an SST which is a very good jacket that I obtained at almost 50% off RRP. Owing to some silly and annoying design flaws I wouldn’t recommend it at full RRP.
  7. MCXFisher

    North Esk 2021

    Congratulations on a beautiful fish, and what a marvellous fight you enjoyed - nothing like the 6lbs BS challenge!
  8. MCXFisher

    At Long Last

    It was indeed, thank you, and all the better for knowing that less than 9 hours previously it was swimming in Yorkshire water! Some new potatoes would have been ideal, but for some reason they're very late to market this year.
  9. MCXFisher

    At Long Last

    Sleningford ticks all the boxes: - It's less than 15 minutes from Junction 50 on the A1M - Offers a good chance of a springer April - June - Fishes well with a good water level - Great value (albeit there's only about 500 yards of fishable length)
  10. MCXFisher

    At Long Last

    It's been a long while since I last wrote an article, but here's 'At Long Last', marking my first day out after salmon since last autumn, during which I missed two salmon, caught a sea trout and wound up with a specimen coarse fish of lifetime size.
  11. MCXFisher

    A couple off the Findhorn

    Congratulations: a couple of lovely fish and a most enjoyable day to savour over a dram.
  12. MCXFisher

    Wading Jacket Advice

    I re-proofed the Prestige at the end of every season by washing with Nikwax TechWash and long-rinsing with NikWax TX. That seemed to work very well. When it started leaking it was through the seams that were coming apart with old age. Don't worry about the Nomad jacket, it's serious kit and...
  13. MCXFisher

    Wading Jacket Advice

    I concur with Hoddom's recommendation having had a trusty Prestige for 15 seasons before it finally fell apart. It is probably the best in its price range: simple, well designed and effective.
  14. MCXFisher

    Wading Jacket Advice

    At this price point there are some superb jackets in the market place, all of them waterproof in extremis and very robust. It's very tough to make a breathable jacket down to a price, so in quality it would be hard to put much paper between them. That said, Loop's pricing policy is opaque in...
  15. MCXFisher

    PACKHAM - Desalination Plant - Southern Water

    What is absolutely clear is that the south east of England cannot continue on its present water supply/consumption trajectory. If you walk the Berkshire Downs around Lambourn you encounter aquifer abstraction plants in every grid square, and the same is true for the other chalk downloads in the...
  16. MCXFisher

    A couple from today

    Congratulations, Mr Dependable!
  17. MCXFisher

    Switch rods useful or a marketing scam?

    For me it's just a very small 2-hander with enough muscle to cast good-sized flies and sinking tips and fight a salmon to a standstill in short order. It's such a pleasure to use, primarily on smaller rivers. A day on the Coquet last season was sheer joy.
  18. MCXFisher

    Cheap Samon Net.

    Another strong vote for the Snowbee Gye. I've had mine for 20 years; replaced the mesh after 12; still perfectly serviceable. It's incredibly simple to extend single-handed and operate, robust (made of steel) and has a good sling (which you can improve by sticking a length of bike inner tube...
  19. MCXFisher

    Guideline Vosso HD 911

    If you want an extreme version of the quality of Danielsson's customer service, try this example: order a Control 7/12, delivered inside 72 hours (in early post-BREXIT period) Found it was too small, emailed Danielsson, they said send it back ASP Posted to Sweden Arrives at their mail...
  20. MCXFisher

    Backing - recommendations please

    I'm not familiar with the 6/9's capacity, but I'd suggest the same approach with a soft Dacron header and spun gel beneath.