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    Switch rods useful or a marketing scam?

    I think that “Trout Spey” really is a gimmick and a rather foolish one at that. On the other hand bought my only switch rod three years ago and use it mainly on mid sized rivers. it’s a 10 1/2 foot Hardy Jet for 6/7 wt. lines. What I really like is that I can comfortably use it as a single...
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    Gaelforce Website

    Edvard Grieg’s family run one of the biggest open net pen salmon farm businesses. Not his fault but it’s put me off his music a bit.
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    Part order for a friend hoping to fish in Gaspe later.

    Wow! Absolutely beautiful.
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    Fishing in the Fog

    If anglers wouldn’t fish in fog, many salmon rivers in Newfoundland would never see a fly!
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    POLL: Tie of the Month April 2021: I can already hear you groaning!

    Nope. No little dots I’m afraid.
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    POLL: Tie of the Month April 2021: I can already hear you groaning!

    As a first timer on the TOTM I just read this and looking back at the photo I submitted I have to admit it isn’t clear that there are indeed two colours in the tail matching the hackles. I hope I’m not violating the rules by doing this but here is another photo, in better light, of my...
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    Salmon on Spring & Pawl vs. Disc Drag Reels?

    Like many, probably most, Newfoundlanders, my first salmon reel was a Young. Mine came to a sad end when borrowed by a relative. Some how he contrived to drive over it, and the rod, destroying both. He handed me money rather than replacing the rod and reel and I put it all toward a Hardy Saint...
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    Purple Flies

    I was a student assistant on an experiment at uni back in the early ‘70’s. We were using small (4 to 6 inch) brown trout and assessing their ability to distinguish colour. It was quite acute in fact and they quickly learned to poke the right coloured lever to get a food pellet dropped in. I’m...
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    A couple for July

    The only suggestions I’d make are on the Silver Blue. On a fly as small as an 8 I’d skip the ostrich herl butt altogether and make the yellow floss tag a bit shorter and the body longer. Otherwise both look great, well tied and sparse. That’s the biggest issue I see, particularly with...
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    Hair wing blue charm ?

    The Blue Charm certainly originated well back into the 1800’s and as described above, silver tip, golden yellow floss, GP topping for a tail, black floss body, silver rib, pale blue throat and wing of bronze mallard with slips of teal over. Interestingly, Kelson included it in “The Salmon Fly”...
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    What chance do Salmon have

    On this side of the Atlantic the annual Newfoundland seal hunt used to take about 200,000 to 300,000 pelts a year and the overall population was stable at an estimated 2 to 3 million animals. After the various self described “greens” were finished with it the hunt is effectively dead and the...
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    POLL: Tie of the Month April 2021: I can already hear you groaning!

    Hi all. This is my first entry in the TOTM contest though I’ve been tying a very few and very basic flies for forty years. COVID and lockdowns have led to me spending more time at the vise And I’ve learnt a lot over the past 12 months. I’m not very creative so it’s a fairly traditional Cascade...
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    Hardy Jet Sintrix switch

    I don’t have that line weight but I do have the 10’6 6/7 wt.. It has handled fresh run fish of up to 17lbs. quite easily. Love the rod.
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    Seaspiracy ( Netflix)

    Sounds like lots of misrepresentation in it.
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    Zephrus vs hbx ?

    I’m not articulate enough to express what the difference is but..... My 9 1/2 foot, 8 wt. Zenith has been my favourite rod for years now, purchased not long after they came out. Last year I had a fall and broke two of the four sections in the process (only bruises for me, far more worried about...
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    Anyone still fish salmon single flys

    In most Canadian provinces the rule is unweighted, single barbless hooks only, whether regular flies or tube flies. I’ve been salmon fishing since long before those rules came into effect and can’t say I ever noticed any difference in numbers of fish getting off. The barbless rule has...
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    Happy St Patrick's day

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    Making a copy of a Bogdan reel

    Wonderful work! Not being niggly, but as an aside, the three large screws on the front plate that hold the reel together do not have straight, “square section“ slots. In the early days almost all Bogdan reels were used only in Canada so Stan Bogdan cut the slots so that a Canadian dime fit...