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    I got an old Neroad fly box a long time ago and in it was this vintage fly. Anyone have any ideas what fly it is?
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    So diving home at 2am from sea trouting trip when I see in my rear view mirror a pair of headlights approaching supper quick. I’m just entering a speed camera marked patch when this van overtook me around the bollard on the opposite side of the road at something like 60mph! The camera would have...
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    Very early in the morning

    Just wondering has anyone had good results fishing for Salmon very early in the morning? ie just after daybreak.
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    I’m looking to go to a bigger net 23” any recommendations guys? The Fastnet Sea-trout Grilse looks good @23” and 700gms.
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    Saw this today just about sums up what’s wrong with EA Is the EA a political body now?
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    Is it just me!

    I'm going through a spell of 'he's on he's off' 4 fish so far all hooked on different patterns, different hook sizes. Doubles and singles. Mostly happens when they come up to the surface thrashing. I had the same thing happen a few years ago - I think the jinks has returned. I recall reading...
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    Book Sale

    For anyone who likes coarse and game I see 'Little Egret Press' are selling some at reduced prices.
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    Classified sales

    So if you look at Classified for sale there are two sections being a Trade and Members. If you look at vintage tackle it's not separated into Trade or Members and is swamped with Thomas Turner's stuff. I've nothing against TT but an individuals advert just is not goning to be as visible. Anyone...
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    Sheringham would turn in his grave

    So I'm reading one of my favourite authors Hugh Tempest SHERINGHAM, and I thought I'd just look at the Meon at Droxford a favourite haunt of HTS and see what I could find about this little chalkstream. And fell upon this, I had to shut the computer off.! Fording the River Meon at Droxford in...
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    Micro skagit line

    Just thought I'd off this it might be of interest to some. A year or two ago built a #5wt 11ft micro two handed rod. And not willing to pay exorbitant prices for the likes of OPST Commando head etc. I've constructed my own lines from bigger Salom lines. However recently bought of fleabay a...
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    ARTIFISHAL from the states

    Friend in Canada asked me to pass on. It's it's controversial , long and very thought provoking. Especially for those who believe in hatcheries. Hope the link works. Full Film: Artifishal | The Fight to Save Wild Salmon - YouTube
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    Waders recomendations

    Don't know if it's just me but I go through waders pretty quickly and am always doing running repairs. I've used Diver Dave with good results but need some new ones now. I cannot bring myself to part with so much dosh for high end ultra exsprnsive stuff. Any recommendations for hard wareing...
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    The grass is not always greener

    I was quite shocked to see this the other day. Lost Rivers It's a part of the world I know and I had my worries last time there fishing in the Nelson area of the South Island. Kiwis in general have a poor oppinion of uk fishing especially regarding costs. But I doubt there open water model...
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    Good base near galway

    Gents I'm planning to visit Connemara next may and hope to fish the loughs for brown trout with an eye to a chance of sea-trout or salmon if the opportunity arises. Would Galway itself be a good place to base ourselves? Having read a little on the waters I was thinking somewhere a little...
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    Sonik skr fly reel

    Am looking for a SONIK SKR FLY REEL 5/6/7 Not the latest but the kind which have silver finish with touches of gold. Will try and attached picture. I think they stopped production couple of years ago. Any leads appreciated.
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    Something of interest

    Just thought l would share this lovely old footage. hope the link works Watch To Cane a Trout online - BFI Player
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    Best ferry route to ireland

    Thinking of going to Galway/Connemara area just wondering is it best to go to Dublin or Dun Laoghaoire? And drive onward. Anyone got views on the services of these two routes? Any help appreciated.
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    Running salmon

    Given the very unusual weather conditions we are having, Where salmon are gathering near or in the estuaries are they loosing their condition? Or could you expect to find fish in good condition when the water comes? Does anybody know when they cease to feed.
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    Summer set up

    Just wondering what others use as their setup end of spring into summer. Do you for example use full floating line with sinking poly leader or intermediate. And what length of nylon or fluorocarbon? Are droppers a good idea at this time?
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    Here's an interesting thought or question that I was asked recently. If you were retiring to Scotland what area would you choose when fishing for Trout and Salmon is a key consideration? (Assuming your not loaded). I've often thought Perthshire has pluses as the climate is a bit better there...