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    What Restrictions Are Other Beats Imposing This Season

    Here is the list our Beat is imposing in three weeks time. Lets hope things improve before then. 1. Covid-19 Questionnaire – Prior to any Rod arriving at the beat the Ghillie will make contact to confirm (1) that the Rod has no coronavirus symptoms and (2) that no one in the Rod’s household...
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    More Trouble For Fish Farmers

    Corona Virus is causing huge problems regarding negative publicity.
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    UK Finally Declared Avian Flu Free

    For those of you who have noticed a shortage of eggs in the shops, hopefully things will start to improve as we have now officially been declared Avian Flu free.
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    Handy App For Plant Identification

    Posted this on another thread but thought others may be interested. A handy free app on your phone is 'Seek' by iNaruralist . Once installed open it and take a photo of any plant or animal and the app will identify it for you. There are other similar apps, some of which you pay for and google...
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    New Format

    Is it just me or are their no new posts sine the site came back up this morning.
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    What Media Can You Trust These Days

    We have all had a good laugh at Donald Trump and his comments on Sunlight and Disinfectant on Coronavirus. I am no fan of the Donald and sympathise with the American people who had to choose between him and Hilary. However I have just watched the following video of the real interview and how the...
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    The Missing Salmon Project 2019

    For those who like the technicalities. Having read it the only conclusion I can make of it is. We need more money to fund further research.
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    I posted this on another thread but feel it should have one of its own. I tried to source anti bacterial/viral hand gel from several chemists the other week but they were all sold out and could not say when new stock was coming in. I researched making my own and have now done so. It works and...
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    Goose Shooting

    At last Scottish Natural Heritage is beginning to see sense. Fighting a goose invasion with guns, knives and forks - BBC News
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    2018/2019 Annual Review
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    Scottish Governments River Grading For 2020

    Here is the latest epistle from Scot Gov regarding Salmon Conservation. Conservation Status Representations or objections in respect of the proposals should be submitted by no later than 19 September 2019 using the contact details below. Email:
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    Two Rivers 50 Miles Apart

    These are images of the River Dee at Inchmarlo and the Tay at Cargill on 31/01/2019. The Dee is only 50 miles further north but is full of Ice and Grue where the Tay is almost Ice free. Tight lines for those fishing the Dee tomorrow on Opening Day. Hope the Grue lifts as the day wears on. The...
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    Aberdeenshire Dee 2019

    As we are near to the start of the 2019 season I thought we should open the new thread. Here is the report issued after this years AGM. It looks like the Dee board are being very pro active regarding their river management.
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    Could Be A Very Cold Start To The New Season

    It looks like the Beast from the East is likely to return to the UK in the next couple of weeks so better look out the thermals if you are wetting a line on opening days. The polar vortex is about to split into 3 pieces - Axios
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    Culter Burn Fish Counter Returns.

    In case anybody missed it the DSFB released this piece of news. A bit of a Curates Egg. River Dee
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    Why Do People Do These Things

    I bought a new car 4 weeks ago (well new to me) one previous owner and in immaculate condition. I have spent the last three weeks putting my own stamp on it like a dual front and rear dash-cam and two whole days applying a diamond polish to the bodywork. On Wednesday I was in town and made three...
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    Scottish Office Guidelines for 2019

    Conservation of salmon – Assessment for the 2019 fishing season I am writing to let you know that the Scottish Ministers propose to continue to regulate the killing of salmon in Scotland, including the prohibition on retaining any salmon caught in coastal waters, by means of conservation...
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    Effects of Climate Change (again)

    Just read a fairly comprehensive and fair (which is unusual these days) report on the current state of Climate Change and how it affects ocean currents and more importantly its future implications. These changes will not happen overnight and there will be remissions and cooling periods but...
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    Smolt Run and River Flow Rates

    River levels in my neck of the woods have been reasonably high this spring which should have helped the smolt run descend the rivers quite quickly and hopefully avoid the worst of predation by FEBs. What conditions have the rest of the country had ?
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    Missing Angler

    It happens every year and why we should wear a life vest when fishing. Looks like another tragedy on the Oykel. Lairg search resumes for elderly fisherman - BBC News